Classic Moto Guzzi V50 III Takes a Stroll to the Aftermarket Treatment Center

The likelihood of coming across a modified V50 III that looks this good is rather slim. As such, we’ve nothing but love for Austria’s Horizontal Moto.
Moto Guzzi V50 III 9 photos
Moto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 IIIMoto Guzzi V50 III
When you think about bespoke ventures revolving around Moto Guzzi’s mechanical predators, Italy’s Officine Rossopuro might be the first enterprise that comes to mind. However, the undertaking we’re featuring today hails from Horizontal Moto, a newborn workshop located in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Before it got subjected to their fascinating overhaul, the creature we’ll be admiring today was a regular V50 III manufactured by The House of Mandello del Lario during the ‘80s.

From the factory, the two-wheeled fiend is brought to life by a longitudinally-mounted 90-degree V-twin mill, which packs four valves and a displacement of 490cc. The air-cooled powerplant delivers 48 ponies at approximately 7,500 rpm to a five-speed transmission. Ultimately, the engine’s force travels to the rear 18-inch wheel by means of a chain final drive, enabling the stallion to reach a respectable top speed of 106 mph (170 kph).

After cleaning up its main frame, Horizontal Moto tweaked V50’s subframe to accommodate a handsome suede leather saddle fabricated by a local upholsterer. The following step consisted of refurbishing the bike’s weary powertrain to ensure ample performance. Austria’s craftsmen honored the V-twin with a fresh set of velocity stacks, along with twin Lafranconi mufflers on the other end of the combustion cycle.

In terms of electrics, the team installed a custom wiring harness that powers a pair of bar-end turn signals and an aftermarket speedometer, as well as a new headlight module and an LED taillight. Next, the stock handlebar has been removed in favor of clip-on alternatives, while the standard wheels were enveloped in retro-style rubber on both ends.

Finally, rear suspension duties are taken good care of by premium shock absorbers bringing about a considerable improvement in the handling department. Horizontal Moto’s gifted experts fiddled with the V50’s forks and triple clamps to achieve a level stance. Thanks to their outstanding makeover, the Guzzi you see here will tip the scales at a mere 265 lbs (120 kg), which is 83 lbs (38 kg) lighter than its original counterpart.


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