Chevrolet Camaro Civic SS Is a Pure USDM Rendering

Chevrolet Camaro Civic SS Is a Pure USDM Rendering 4 photos
Photo: Kleber Silva/Behance
Chevrolet Camaro Civic SS Is a Pure USDM RenderingChevrolet Camaro Civic SS Is a Pure USDM RenderingChevrolet Camaro Civic SS Is a Pure USDM Rendering
Chevrolet must have hated Honda for the longest time. Cheap, reliable Japanese imports took the brand from being the biggest and baddest to struggling and weak. But about a week ago, General Motors and Honda Motor Company entered a major partnership.
This is expected to mean anything from platform sharing to joint EV development. Nobody knows which models will be affected yet. However, the Brazilian artist Kleber Silva did let his imagination run wild and mixed one of the most popular cars of all time with some Detroit muscle.

That's right, it's a Camaro Civic SS, merging the shape of a muscle car with the angular front of a Japanese compact sedan. Honestly, it's an improvement over the stock 2020 Camaro. And just because we want as many car fans to cringe today, there's also a Chevy-badged Civic Type R. Yuck!

Both of these somehow fall perfectly under the old "USDM" description, as in JDM, but from the United States. Normally, the term would be used to describe the super-sexy Acura Integra Type R or some Subaru with an inferior engine.

Jokingly, USDM is sometimes also used for American cars that try to be sporty, nimble, and affordable, like a Chevy Cobalt or a Dodge Neon SRT-4. Those things can be pretty fast with the right set of mods. But if you think about it, GM, Ford, and Dodge have always failed in the compact car segment.

Right now, they've all pretty much killed off their normal cars, and that would explain why Chevy wanted to partner with Honda. Is New Cruze VTEC Turbo incoming?

We're not sure where the Camaro fits into all this. Sources say the next-gen model has been dropped from development. The current model would stay in production until 2023. Maybe after that GM wants to focus on electric halo cars and that somehow works in Honda's favor.
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