Caterham EV Teaser Shows Bold Italdesign Styling, Project V Coupe Will Debut July 12

A well-known company among enthusiasts, Caterham Cars was founded in 1973 with the sole purpose of manufacturing the Lotus 7. Arguably the purest sports car in production today, the Caterham Seven has recently spawned a zero-emission concept with a curb weight of less than 700 kgs (1,543 lbs).
Caterham Project V electric sports coupe 12 photos
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Caterham Project V electric sports coupeCaterham Project V electric sports coupeCaterham Project V electric sports coupeCaterham Project V electric sports coupeCaterham Project V electric sports coupeCaterham Project V electric sports coupeJannarelly Design-1 UK EditionJannarelly Design-1 UK EditionJannarelly Design-1 UK EditionJannarelly Design-1 UK EditionJannarelly Design-1 UK Edition
Colin Chapman was obsessed with simplicity and lightness, and Caterham is much obliged to continue that legacy with its current lineup of lightweight and technically simple vehicles. We don't know if the Seven EV will ever be considered for series production, but chances are that it most certainly will.

For starters, the United Kingdom and European Union will switch to the Euro 7 standard in 2025, comprising emission regulations that have been described as a de facto ban on the sale of new internal combustion-engined vehicles. Although that's an exaggeration from the automakers and unions, Euro 7 will inevitably make fossil-fuel vehicles more expensive.

We also have to remember that the sale of new combustion vehicles will be outlawed in many European countries, and certain states in the USA are open to said ban as well. Given these circumstances, the good folks at Caterham will have to either adapt or prepare to be relegated to the history books.

Based on the Project V concept in the featured photos and video, Caterham appears to ponder adapting rather than going extinct. Project V is a superb-looking coupe – from the side view, at least – with Italdesign styling. A very different animal from the aforementioned Seven EV, this fellow is – for all intents and purposes – a statement of intent from Caterham.

Marking a visual departure from the Seven, the V will be unveiled on July 12 at the world-famous Goodwood Festival of Speed. The sports coupe will be put together in Turin by Italdesign, whereas the production model is certain to be assembled by Caterham back home in the United Kingdom.

Anthony Jannarelly of W Motors Lykan HyperSport fame is the chief designer of the V. There's a fair bit of similarity between the concept and the Jannarelly Design-1 from Anthony's own car-making business, particularly from the side view. Boasting a power-to-weight ratio that would make a Ferrari 458 Italia blush with admiration, the Design-1 features a carbon-fiber body shell, a midship V6 shared with the Nissan 350Z, double wishbones fore and aft, a transverse manual transmission, Wilwood brakes, and a spaceframe chassis.

Marking Catherham's 50th anniversary, Project V has all the makings of a production car. It would also benefit Caterham to venture into these particular segments. For starters, a coupe is a far easier sell than a no-frills Caterham Seven. But more importantly, just about everyone and their dog understands that electric muscle has big advantages over internal combustion. From the powertrain's eco-friendly credentials to how an electric motor develops torque, it makes a lot of sense for Caterham to adapt this concept into a production car.

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