Cardboard Billionaire’s Luxury Toy Is a Pedigree American Superyacht

Dutch, German, and Italian superyachts are at the forefront when it comes to the most luxurious floating mansions owned by U.S. billionaires, but American superyachts are no less impressive.
Helios 2 is the American luxury toy of an American billionaire 8 photos
Helios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 SuperyachtHelios 2 Superyacht
One of the best parts about superyachts is that a well done refit at the right moment can extend their life for decades, allowing them to be just as comfortable and efficient, if not more, than younger models. A well-maintained floating mansion can be decades-old and still feel like new. That’s most likely the case for Helios 2, an imposing pleasure craft built two decades ago.

Previously known as Helios Squared, this 167-footer (51 meters) is known to be a pedigree Palmer Johnson, embodying the American style and the rich history of this prestigious shipyard. A relatively recent refit in 2015 upgraded everything on board without compromising the vessel’s timeless elegance. Its dark blue hull with the contrasting white superstructure is still instantly recognizable.

The sun deck is dominated by a jacuzzi, accompanied by a wet bar, a BBQ, comfortable seating, and a plasma TV. It also doubles as an outdoor gym. TVs abound on board Helios 2; they’re found on every deck. There are also a total of five staterooms, enough for up to 12 guests. The master suite includes a private office, a walk-in wardrobe, and a lavish master bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower.

A few years ago, this American beauty was one of the luxurious boats turning heads at St. Barth, where some of the world’s most famous superyachts gather for the New Year’s celebration. Its lucky owner was described by the media as the man who “made billions out of cardboard boxes.” Dennis Mehiel is a well-known political donor and founder of one of the largest corrugated packaging businesses in the country.

Mehiel’s beautiful American yacht doesn’t shy away from the public – not only does it make appearances in famous luxury locations, but it’s also available for charter. For $245,000, anyone can enjoy a week onboard this pedigree Palmer Johnson yacht. More details can be found at Fraser Yachts.

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