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Can Trucks Be Cute? Current, Club Car’s New Electric Truck Says “Yes”

Can’t make up your mind between a van and a truck? Then, Club Car’s new electric truck might be the answer. It can handle the job of a light-duty truck, with the added benefits of a compact build and easy ride.
Club Car Current fills the gap between full-sized trucks and smaller vehicles 6 photos
Club Car Current electric truckClub Car Current electric truckClub Car Current electric truckClub Car Current electric truckClub Car Current electric truck
Designed to fill the gap between full-sized trucks and smaller vehicles, like utility carts or vans, Current is a new e-truck on the block, offering to give a helping hand for low-speed logistics and cargo services. Club Car is mostly known for its golf and utility vehicles, but it took a step further by launching this light-duty truck, in partnership with AYRO.

Depending on the customers’ needs, they can opt for a pickup, flatbed or van box configuration. With a payload capacity of up to 1,246 lbs. (565 kg), this (apparently) little guy is ready to tackle big jobs. And, compared to other Club Car models, it comes with updated automotive features, such as an upgraded dashboard, speedometer, in-car radio, and ventilation systems.

You might be wondering about this e-truck’s performance, given its size. Well, it’s equipped with a 13.4 HP electric motor and can reach a maximum speed of 20 to 35 mph (32-56 kph). It’s certified as a low-speed vehicle (LSV), meaning that it can operate on city streets with posted speeds up to 35 mph (56 kph). And, with a 57-mile (92 km) range, thanks to the latest VRLA gel battery technology, it’s reliable enough to be used for day-to-day transportation.

Current also wants passengers to feel comfortable, so it offers more legroom, a 1,000W heater to keep them warm in cold-weather and even a newly-designed cup holder. Add to that a new 170-degree rearview camera, LED lighting and an optional GPS locator with geofencing capability, and you’ve got yourself a top notch pickup truck.

And, let’s not forget that this an eco-friendly alternative to trucks, so you’ll also be helping protect the environment. In fact, the Club Car Current has been certified with the “Cleanest” Scores for Global Warming and Air Quality – ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), by the California Air Resource Board.

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