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Bullied Corsa Driver Prompts Vauxhall To Rename Yellow Color Into Maddox Yellow

Bullying. It’s a sort of intimidation used by people on their fellow kin, typically to force them to do something against their will. From our time in school to everyday scenarios such as driving to work, there’s always a lesser human being who resorts to bullying for God knows what reason. Tailgating is a case in point.
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Arlington Row street in Bibury, UKCottages in Bibury, UKVauxhall Corsa in the same shade of yellow that bothered touristsVauxhall Corsa in the same shade of yellow that bothered touristsVauxhall Corsa in the same shade of yellow that bothered touristsThere's a GoFundMe campaign to help the owner repair his carThere's a GoFundMe campaign to help the owner repair his car
One of the most recent bullying examples to make the rounds is Peter Maddox’s yellow Corsa. Last month, the British media reported that 84-year-old Maddox had his supermini vandalized by someone because its paint is too vivid. So vivid that it spoiled the scenery in Bibury, a small town that enjoys the title of “most beautiful village in Britain.” Yes, it’s a pretty random reason.

After Mr. Maddox had his Corsa scratched on almost all body panels, GM’s UK division took to get vengeance on those brats for all the right reasons. You don’t mess with a man’s car just because you don’t like its paint. Thus, Vauxhall decided to give the middle finger to the baddies by renaming the vehicle’s color from Flaming Yellow to Maddox Yellow. What’s more, a handful of good-natured people will organize a convoy of 100 yellow cars. The said vehicles will drive through Bibury in a show of solidarity to Peter Maddox.

“When we heard Peter’s story we were inspired at the way it captured the heart of the public. We wanted to show our support for Peter, which is why we’re renaming our yellow shade to Maddox Yellow,”
declared Denis Chick, director of communications at Vauxhall. “We will also be in the car convoy to show our support. It is for a great cause and no doubt a fun day for lovers of all yellow cars, including Vauxhalls.” Yes, good people are still among us.

The local Vauxhall dealership, The Baylis Group, helped Peter by replacing his badly vandalized car with a brand spanking new 1.4-liter three-door Corsa. Finished in Satin Steel to fit in with the surroundings of Bibury, Good Guy Vauxhall has also given Mr. Maddox a complimentary service package.


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