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Brutal Crash Between Motorcycle and Pickup Truck Caught on Google Maps

One Google Maps car capturing street-level photographs that are then supposed to be used in Street View also recorded what appears to be a super-brutal crash between a motorcycle and a pickup truck.
The original Google Maps image showing the accident 5 photos
Google Maps imagery showing the accidentGoogle Maps imagery showing the accidentGoogle Maps imagery showing the accidentGoogle Maps imagery showing the accident
The violent accident happened in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco (Mexico), just in front of a shopping center. Judging from the position of the pickup, the driver either took a U turn or was leaving the parking of the said shopping center when the motorcycle slammed into its right side.

While we don’t know anything about the injuries the two people on the motorcycle might have suffered, or whether there were any fatalities or not, the crash itself seems insane nonetheless.

The original images that appeared on Google Maps were extremely graphic, showing one of the two persons on the motorcycle hitting the windshield, with the other one still airborne.

While the photos were blurred using Google Maps’ automatic engine that covers license plates and people’s faces, Google has since censored the photos even further in order to hide the entire crash.

Judging from the date of the imagery, the accident happened in July 2015. Google Maps has already updated the Street View photos from the main street with 2019 content, but the old pictures showing the crash are still visible from other angles.

What’s even more shocking is that people around, whose faces are blurred by Google’s engine, appear to walk around as if nothing happened, despite the crash itself looking brutal.

The Google Maps car capturing such content is something that can’t be avoided, especially as Google has thousands of cars being driven around for updated street-level imagery. In most of the cases, photos that violate Google’s policies are censored, including such accidents, even if this means extra blur added by an engineer in addition to the modifications applied automatically when people’s faces and licenses plates are detected.


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