Brand-New Model Y Loses Glass Roof Right After Delivery in New Low for Tesla QC

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Maybe it's the elections heating up, maybe it's not newsworthy anymore, or maybe Tesla just managed to iron its quality issues out and is delivering vehicles that are a lot less prone to manufacturing defects - what we know is we haven't heard about Model Y QC problems in a while.
Right, you can scratch the last one off because it sure as hell isn't the case. In fact, you could say we just hit a new all-time low for Tesla with this latest insane story posted on Reddit by the son of the new - and, briefly, proud - owner of a Model Y electric crossover.

A user that goes by "Indescribables" shared with the Internet his and his father's experience with a brand-new Tesla Model Y that the latter had ordered and was invited to pick up. The father asked the younger and more tech-savvy son to join him for the event and, as it turned out, that was probably a pretty good idea.

According to the story, everything went just fine with the delivery, but that was just the calm before the storm. On their way home, they began to hear "a ton of wind" noise as they were cruising down the interstate. While the pair were checking to see whether there was any window open that could have been the cause for the commotion, the car's entire glass roof flew off.

It. Flew. Off.

Luckily, it sounds as though there was no vehicle driving close behind them since that would have almost certainly resulted in a nasty crash. The two turned around and, for some reason, didn't stop to pick up the huge piece of debris. They did call the highway patrol to let them know about the issue, but we think picking the glass up (or what was left of its) would have been the better choice, provided it was safe to do so.

Anyway, if Indescribables' recount of the story is correct (for now, we only have his account of the events), it's surprising to hear just how brutally honest the Tesla employees can be about situations like these. He says the dealership manager concluded that either the roof's seal was faulty, or they just forgot to seal it in completely. In other words, there was nothing else than gravity and some friction holding it in place.

Sadly, the story ends there. We would have loved to hear how the company decided to solve this because the "it's within spec" answer would be too much even for Tesla in this case. Will they fit a new glass to that same car? Will they get a new Model Y? If so, will they check the roof on the new car and, preferably, on every other car they'll sell from now on?

Undoubtedly, this thing makes any panel misalignment issue seem like a joke. If you got a Model Y with a few uneven gaps and some dodgy paintwork, you should count yourself lucky. Or course, we wouldn't want to leave the impression that all Model Ys are faulty, because that's not true - actually, it seems like the majority are perfectly fine. However, there's clearly a problem with Tesla's push for sales and deliveries before the end of a quarter because that's when the worst cases of quality control overlooking happen. These should go away as soon as Tesla becomes a settled carmaker, and not one that's continuously expanding, but in the meantime, buying a Tesla Model Y continues to be a bit of a lottery.

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