Beam Global and Electrify America are Already Reinventing EV Charging

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Photo: Beam Global
EVs have become a common occurrence on our streets. So common that we have begun seeing charging stations and ports popping up like fleas. But mostly they’re all the same. Maybe with an exception or two here and there.
Most of the EV charging grid we currently employ is exactly that, a grid. And one that unfortunately relies on the preexisting methods of supplying electricity. And just as Tesla introduces a charger that has a few issues of its own, other companies like Electrify America and Envision Solar, now Beam Global, are working together to go beyond traditional methods.

What’s all this about? If the photos and the gallery didn’t give it all away, it’s the freshest and grid-free way to charge your EV. And the best thing yet, it’s friggin' solar!

Now, it isn’t a new idea, but this system is the best around. For another 3 months or so anyway, until technology takes another hop and a skip. I mean, it only seems like yesterday that we started getting used to the old chargers, and now this? Don’t worry folks, this system is the simplest around. Before you continue reading, check out the video below as well to see how simple and easy it is to set something like this up.

Photo: Beam Global
It’s not the first of this type of charger from Beam. Even when they were under the title Envision Solar name, the company had already distributed and put into use several less capable systems but based on the same principle.

Beam, the company that supplies these juice boxes, shows the charger off like this: it’s a complete all in one unit. It requires no construction permits to be set up and occupies basically the space available in one parking spot. A truck delivers it to the area you want it and just drops it into place. That’s it. You probably just have to turn the unit on and let the battery storage kick in. It requires no plugs, no other cables, wires or anything else, just a drained EV. But that doesn’t say too much about the unit itself. What about its capabilities?

For the performance specs we will find a 4.3kW solar array that can deliver up to 245 e-miles of range. One of the beauties of the charger is that it takes in 4.3 kW but also delivers that much charging power. No energy is lost along the way. For energy storage we are allowed options of 24, 32, or 40 kWh batteries. This thing will charge your EV 24/7 hours a day, rain or shine, and in winds up to 120 mph (193 kph).

Photo: Beam Global
Oh, and I nearly forgot, it can charge anything. By this I mean that it’s equipped with any-brand chargers. Finally, it can charge up to six vehicles at a time.

But that’s all the tech, when will we get to see these around? Would you be surprised if I told you that we already can? Electrify America has already set up eight of the 30 planned stations all throughout Fresno County, California. If you live in this area click here for a full list of the current locations for these puppies.

However, this is only under the collaboration with Electrify America. Outside this venture, Beam already supplies hundreds of EV ARCs throughout the U.S., Virgin Islands, and even Brazil.
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