Bob Lutz's VIA Motors to Partner Geely in Developing All-Electric Pickup Truck

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Bob Lutz is known for a lot of things in the automotive industry - such as his position as Vice-Chairman of General Motors - but more recently, he's been making the headlines by taking repeated stabs at a Tesla Inc. that just refuses to die.
He's been an avid critic of Elon Musk's business model and did not hold back from slamming the cars as well, even though it's a bit harder to pick on those. He has predicted Tesla's demise several times now and, even though proven wrong so far, continues to spout the same idea over and over, in the hope he will eventually get the chance to say "I told you so."

In the meantime, he's also the Chairman of VIA Motors, a company that builds and sells extended-range electric (eREV) and all-electric powertrains for commercial vehicles ranging from light-duty trucks to Class 8 semis. In other words, with the Tesla Semi just around the corner, Tesla Inc. is about to become a direct competitor of sorts to VIA Motors, which would explain a lot.

It's long been said that for electric vehicles to conquer the U.S.A., they would have to include at least a few pickup truck models. So far the only options are the Workhorse W-15 and the Havelaar Bison E-Pickup as far as we know, but they are yet to gain any popularity. VIA Motors and Geely are now trying their hand at it by launching a medium-duty truck as soon as next year.

China may not have the same tradition regarding pickup trucks as the U.S., but it has something else that should make the new vehicle a hit: a thirst for replacing fossil fuel-powered engines with electric motors wherever possible. And since there's a place for this type of vehicle in any country's economy, the opportunity for success is there.

“Geely selected VIA Motors due to the company’s advanced commercial vehicle software and control systems technology, specifically developed to meet the demanding duty cycle and performance requirements of commercial vehicles,” said Mr. Nathan Yu Ning, Zhejiang Geely Holding Vice President of International Business and Executive Advisor to the Board, quoted by

“Geely is the ideal strategic partner for VIA Motors, as the fastest growing global vehicle company, with a demonstrated commitment to the electrification of their portfolio of award-winning vehicles,” said Bob Lutz, Chairman of VIA Motors. “The alliance between Geely and VIA Motors combines technology, access to their industry leading suppliers, and a mutual entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to accelerating the global adoption of extended-range electric commercial vehicles,”
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