Bentley Bentayga With Tracks Looks Like an Alpine Adventure Waiting to Happen

Snowshoes help you walk by dispersing the weight over a wider area. But this ancient technology has also been adopted by the transportation industry.
Bentley Bentayga With Tracks Looks Like an Alpine Adventure Waiting to Happen 1 photo
Unless we're mistaken, the first tanks of World War I borrowed the track idea from agricultural equipment. So you see, it's not just farmers that need their heavy machinery not to get bogged down. People who kill each other require tracks too.

The Bentley Bentayga is not designed for killing, but it is hefty. The W12 model tips the scales at 2,440 kilograms, while the diesel can go over 2.5 tons. That's like a full-grown rhino or four minuscule cars.

The tires that come with the Bentayga cost a lot of money, so they must be good. But they were designed to cope with huge power at high speed.

Adventurers and people looking to stand out have recently taken to snow tracks. Ken Block is the guy who probably made them viral by fitting these contraptions to both his rally car and a Raptor. But the internet never has just one hero for too long. That's why we've seen all sort of rides with tank-like traction.

A company called Mattracks is at the center of the business. Their products are frequently seen at SEMA, and we've even witnessed a Chinese SUV with tracks at an auto show this year.

But the Bentayga off-roader envisioned by Rain Prisk has much more going on. It's got a useful light bar, a rack for all your survival gear and an equally placed tow hitch. You might not be able to hit 200 miles per hour in this configuration. But with enough spare tracks, you could probably reach the Arctic Circle.

And that's what's cool about this image. Even though there are few people crazy enough to make the conversion, it might actually work.


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