Bagger Racing Kicks Off in June with Burnouts, Drifting and Wheelies

The immense success MotoAmerica’s King of the Baggers competition seems to have has inspired others into creating other, perhaps even more exciting such events. The most recent is the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association’s (AHRMA) annuncement for a new bagger class.
Hot bagger racing season kicks off in June 1 photo
But there’s an even bigger, more important such event coming our way: the Bagger Racing League (BRL). The series is scheduled to kick off in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 25, with the Drag Specialities Battle of the Baggers.

Unlike King of the Baggers, which comes as a single race part of a larger weekend event, BRL is solely dedicated to baggers. Most importantly, with a little more than a month left until the start of the season, the organizers have announced the rules and regulations, but also the officials who will be overseeing the whole show.

As per the announcement made, Alex Mock will be the event’s race director, and Dan Berkes its technical director. The referee and starter have also been appointed, although their names have not yet been announced.

The Bagger Racing League comprises five classes. First is the Hooligan GP, dedicated to any V-twin-inspired motorcycle. Up next come Big Twin GP, which allows entry to any large-displacement big twin bikes, and Stunt GP, which awards points based not on who finishes a race first, but on the most spectacular burnouts, drifts, and wheelies performed.

The last two classes are Premier Class Bagger GP, which requires motorcycles to be equipped with a fairing and bags, just like the last on the list, Pro Stock Bagger.

According to the organizers, so far no less than 20 teams have signed up for the event, which should make it sensibly more spectacular than the two-make King of the Baggers. Team registrations are still open, and so is the purchase of tickets.

For reference, a full two-day pass for the event is priced at $69,99, but if you go for something called Big Twin Ultimate VIP (two tickets, three-night accommodation, separate entrance and such), you’ll have to pony up $2,399.


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