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Australians Crush Dodge Journey With A Tank Because It Had Technical Problems

An Australian couple has turned to crushing their car with a tank after they experienced several technical problems over their period of ownership.
Tank on crushed Dodge Journey 1 photo
We are writing about Joe and Kate, a couple who owned a Dodge Journey for three years. They were dissatisfied with the experience, and decided to end the car’s existence by crushing it with a tank, as they believe no other family should suffer as they did because of the vehicle.

The couple bought the car new from a Fiat Chrysler dealer, and apparently suffered from a multitude of issues over the years.

They accuse Fiat Chrysler Australia, the official importer of the brand on the continent, of foul play in an attempt to discredit the owners and make the story go away.

At this point, we do not want to choose a side, as both parties deserve a fair explanation of where they stand.

We must note that this approach is begging to go viral, but we do not see what kind of compensation do the owners want to obtain.

The advertising proceedings obtained from YouTube will surely not pay for the vehicle, unless the video becomes one of the most accessed on the website. Secondly, they do not have much to gain after discrediting Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and this entire revenge plot is getting a bit out of hand if you ask us.

We cannot help but notice that the video of the tank crushing a Dodge Journey was uploaded from a YouTube account named “Destroy My Jeep.”

The same YouTube account has published other videos of Australian customers that were dissatisfied with the products they purchased from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and some of the videos have gone viral. 

There is also a matching Facebook page, started by a user who claims frustration has made him destroy his Jeep, and he runs the social media account to put pressure on the Australian government to introduce stricter laws for automakers and the protection of customers.

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