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Aurea 70 Superyacht Is an Automotive-Inspired Design Marvel From Pininfarina
How much money is too much money? Some may say there’s never too much, and others seem to agree. After all, there's a reason why yacht sales have been climbing in recent years. It seems that designing yachts is starting to pay off, for some.

Aurea 70 Superyacht Is an Automotive-Inspired Design Marvel From Pininfarina

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What we’re looking at is probably the most visually appealing superyacht concept around. Not only that, the fact that Pininfarina and Rossinavi have officially collaborated on a series of yacht design similar to the Aurea leads us to believe that they can be built - for the right price of course.

Think about that for a second, what you’re looking at can be built. Even the interior compartmentation has already been projected and included in the blueprints. In the yachting world, this tends to happen only when a vessel is ready to go. Let’s say the right billionaire comes along and puts in the down payment for this; what would they be getting?

The first thing we’ll notice is the size. The 70-m (229-ft) hull, likely made from steel and aluminum, as these are the materials of choice for famed Rossinavi, hits the back of your eyes like this is some new species of sea creature.

Because the Aurea is sort of the mothership of the Super Sport 50 and 65, you may see a striking resemblance between the three. Although, the Aurea does include a longer and more fluid superstructure design, which in turn creates larger living spaces.

Beginning with the bow, we see a large aft-facing sunbed while a huge U-shaped bed can be seen facing aft towards two lateral bars and an external lounge. Unlike the Super Sport series, the Aurea does NOT include a forward-facing jacuzzi on this deck. Is this a downside or a strength? Taking into consideration that a forward-facing jacuzzi does exist, only on the deck above, we believe this is an essential perk of any modern-day billionaire.

As we head aft, two large interior spaces are visible, with generous glass walls to keep prying eyes out from whatever is going on inside. The first and highest deck is reserved specifically for the wheelhouse, with an aft lounging area also acting as the helipad.

The deck below, also enclosed in glass, includes the forward-facing owner’s cabin, which spans over a third of this deck’s interior living space. Behind his and hers washrooms and dressing rooms, we step into a lunch area for the rich and not-so-needy, where we can also access a hobby room or an office. Towards the rear there's a lobby with a few sitting areas and an upper lounge with a cinema to watch the movie you just starred in.

If you do happen to get sick of your own face on the big screen, step outside to enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi or have a seat at the dinner table. I wonder what alligator tail tastes like under the stars.

The main deck, also enclosed in glass, includes all VIP and guest quarters as well as a main lounge and more dining areas aft. Outside however, the main pool for you and your guests is ready to cool off any heated discussions. The design of which is absolutely stunning - if you haven’t had a look at the gallery yet, get to it.

But wait, there's more. Blueprints show a sauna and another jacuzzi aft the crew quarters along with space for a tender, speed boat, toys - and an array of whatever else you can think of. Personally, I'd ditch the speed boat and just bring my Koenigsegg.

But then again, this sort of luxury is unattainable for myself, and I only write about the stuff. So, dreaming while wide awake, it is. For the time being anyway - who knows, with the way 2020 has gone, there’s still over two weeks for a whole lot of magic to happen.


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