Palmer Johnson Unleashes Its Speed Prowess With the Sportyacht 120

It seems some folks decided that superyachts were over-rated so now there's a new wave of accessible and equally luxurious vessels, the sport yachts.
Sportyacht 120 12 photos
Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120Sportyacht 120
If you’ve never heard of a sport yacht, read on. It's really simple to figure out what those two words mean. The first denotes speed and capability, while the second refers to luxury and style. And frankly, that's exactly what you find on this type of vessel.

Leading the way with this new wave is none other than speed-driven Palmer Johnson. They’ve been at the top of the boating game since their winning sprees during the golden ages of sailing but it seems that now, they are bringing forward a new age.

What we are looking at is known as the Sportyacht 120. It isn’t the biggest or strongest of the lineup, but it is the first one a sales rep will show you if your pocket isn’t deep enough for you to buy the 210. Overall, the hull length comes in at 124 ft (37.9 m), though the last four feet seem to be a short beach deck, thus holding true to the 120 name.

All 120 ft of this hull are composed of aluminum, which makes it light, fast, and durable enough to take the pounding of waves at the 28 knots it can reach. Hold on, 28 knots? Yes, have you ever been on a speed boat? Now imagine what it’s like doing that speed while sipping a glass of champagne. That's how it’s done up here.

Sportyacht 120
Just kidding, you probably won't be sipping on anything at those speeds but once you’ve outrun the pirates that tried to hijack your vessel, the champagne can be cracked open again. Why would anyone want to steal this ship or what’s on it, though? I’m sure you’ll understand shortly.

Aside from the flashy aluminum hull and sleek look due to a beautifully integrated superstructure, the interior and even exterior of the ship scream money. Aft we find the beach club with room for a couple of people to get their tan on.

Just beyond that, we find an outdoor dining and lounging area suitable for all 10 of your guests. From here, we can step into the interior of the vessel, where we are greeted by another lounge area, this time climate controlled. An indoor bar ready to serve up a few “whatever he’s having” is also on the premises.

The interior design, however, is everything you could ask for in a vessel like this. We can see that wood seems to have been the main material chosen for the interior. This makes sense given that the super yacht can reach such high speeds. Imagine if the interior was filled with marble, granite, and semi-precious metals.

Sportyacht 120
Another recurring material seems to be leather. But it’s not that gaudy kind of leather found in overpriced Italian villas. Here we find fine and soft white and black leathers with hand-stitching. Almost all interior spaces include large windows to allow for a view of the outside world, with black glass always present to keep prying eyes away.

There’s even room on the vessel to include two tenders, a couple of jet skis, and a few other smaller toys.

If you’ve had a look at the gallery already, you can now understand why some pirates would try to hijack your ship. Luckily, you’re riding a PJ and don’t have to worry about anyone catching you.


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