Audi to Decide Formula 1 Entry as Soon as March, With Porsche Still on the Fence

VW Group brand Audi will reportedly decide soon whether to enter Formula 1, either towards the end of Q1 2022 or the beginning of Q2. The issue will be discussed at a supervisory council meeting at the end of next month, with a final decision to follow at a later date.
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Audi Formula E carAudi Formula E carAudi Formula E carAudi Formula E carAudi Formula E car
Earlier this week, German newspaper F.A.Z reported that VW’s supervisory board will decide whether both Audi and Porsche will join F1 (and in what capacity), or just one of the two brands. As of right now, VW has declined to comment and a spokesperson for Porsche stated that the decision was still being evaluated, making no further comments, as per Reuters.

There have been a lot of rumors recently linking Audi to McLaren and Porsche to Red Bull, according to Car Magazine. The rumor has both German brands joining the God Tier of motorsport in 2026, with Audi powering McLaren, and Porsche working on a similar arrangement with Red Bull Racing.

Some have even speculated that Audi could perform a full takeover of McLaren Automotive, which is something the British luxury supercar maker denied.

What’s interesting is that those same rumors suggest the VW Group even has a backup plan, where Audi could partner up with Williams while Porsche would latch on to AlphaTauri or even Haas – for the latter, this would mean ending their partnership with Scuderia Ferrari.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, but where there’s smoke, there’s also fire, which in this case means F1 is almost certainly getting at least one new engine manufacturer sometime in the next few years, and their origins will probably be German.

As far as we’re concerned, the more engine suppliers/outfits there are on the grid, the better it will be for the sport of Formula 1 and its fans across the globe.


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