Audi R8 Shooting Brake Rendered as Awesome Race Car

Audi R8 Shooting Brake Rendered as Awesome Race Car 2 photos
Photo: Rain Prisk
Audi R8 Shooting Brake Rendered as Awesome Race Car
A German supercar with a powerful engine and well-built cabin sounds like a great idea. The only problem is that the Audi R8 is too old-school and has a variety of more exciting competitors, including ones from its own country.
A good Audi always shines through its engine, sometimes the styling and rarely the handling. And that's the problem with the R8. It doesn't offer the most powerful engine in the world, nor is it a head-turner.

Sure, some of the original flaws were fixed in a recent mid-life facelift, but it's still not in the same league as a Lamborghini Huracan. A supercar needs to look like it will steal your money and give you STDs just with a glance, so the tame, German way of doing things isn't going to cut it. She's the supercar you want to take home to your parents.

In a strange twist of the imagination, we present the Audi R8 Shooting Brake a digital contraption of Rain Prisk. It makes no sense to have that bodywork over the back because you'd never put luggage over the hot engine. But maybe you could stuff it with batteries and make an imbalance, unhinged lunatic car that goes fast in a straight line and spins off in the corners.

Rain's vision also involves him turning the R8 into a sort of ridiculous race car with ground effects and a massive rear spoiler. Also, the middle exhaust is a nice touch. But if you want your fictional Shooting Brake to be clean, there's one like that too.

Audi says that only by going electric can the R8 be saved. "Our supercar isn't making enough profit" sounds like a rich company's excuse, but it's pretty bad. Last year, they sold a thousand units in America, about a third of what they made in 2008.
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