At Long Last, the M1A2 SEP "Tusk" Is Coming to War Thunder

M1A2 SEP "Tusk" War Thunder 8 photos
Photo: Gaijin Entertainment
M1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War ThunderM1A2 SEP "Tusk" War Thunder
Players of War Thunder's American tech trees have been spoiled rotten with new content this year. The consensus is that the newly added F-14A Tomcat is one of the most fun planes to fly in the game. Much to the chagrin of all who haven't done enough grinding to unlock it yet.
Let's get ready to keep the good times rolling. Gaijin Entertainment is about to knock another vehicle we've been waiting for years to finally see in War Thunder off the list. This time, it's the the M1A2 SEP (System Enhancement Package), or the "Tusk," as it's known thanks to the name of its armor upgrade package.

For what was once marketed as the best tank/flight simulator for World War Two and Cold War enthusiasts, the addition of a modern American main battle tank may be somewhat jarring. But remember, the Russians have been fielding modern tanks like the upgraded T-72B3 and T-80BVM in War Thunder for some time now.

With that in mind, an upgraded version of the lauded M1A2 Abrams released in 1999 does at least fit with Gaijin's new strategy of making War Thunder a one-stop shop for lovers of all eras of military vehicles. Admirers of the old ways, be darned. Meanwhile, the game's newest addition will feature all the goodies of the standard Abrams tank, plus upgraded thermal-imaging capabilities and the lauded "Tusk" armor kit.

How this added armor will stack up against shells from Russian T-80s, French Leclercs, and British Challengers is bound to make for some awfully interesting ground RB matching in War Thunder servers sometime soon. War Thunder's had more landmark DLC releases this year than some games have in their lifespan this year. Gaijin's making sure to close things out on an especially high note.

Meanwhile, War Thunder's upcoming major "Fire and Ice" update released its development server for players to try out on October 14th and runs through the 19th.
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