Toyota Yaris Gets Crushed by British Tank in Germany

Tank drives over Toyota Yaris 1 photo
Photo: BBC
It was a rather interesting afternoon for a certain learner driver in Germany yesterday. The 18-year-old was driving a Toyota Yaris, trying to figure out what driving is all about when she managed to pull out in front of nothing else but a British tank.
According to various reports, the novice driver simply pulled out in front of a convoy of British military vehicles that were just traveling on a ring road around the town where she was driving. Needless to say that due to the speed and mass of the beasts, stopping on a dime is out of the question.

Therefore, the only possible outcome happened, and the Challenger 2 tank ran over the little Toyota, despite the efforts of its 24-year-old British serviceman.

As you can imagine, the Yaris wasn’t the victor in this funny story but luckily the girl behind the wheel survived the encounter with the 62-ton mastodon unharmed. The crew inside the tank quickly got out and pulled her from the wreck.

Of course, the tank was barely scratched while the Toyota is now totaled, with damages estimated at around €12,000. I guess that driver learned a valuable lesson about stopping distances. However, I’m not sure that it was worth €12,000 or the ‘life’ of the Yaris.

The statement a British army spokesperson gave about it is priceless though: "Our driving crews go through a very vigorous process before being allowed on the roads, and both crews and vehicles are regularly checked . It is something we do take very, very seriously, especially with beasts of that size traveling on public roads." In other words, please do pay attention, as it will always be your fault in case something happens!
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