War Thunder A-10 Warthog Pilot Turns the Fearsome Maus Tank To Sausage Meat With Ease

A-10 vs Maus Tank 8 photos
Photo: YouTube User: Munitions
Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10Maus Tank vs A-10
It's safe to say War Thunder fans lost their collective minds when they learned that the Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II was making its way to the game. More people pre-ordered the early bird special for the iconic American jet than just about any special aircraft ever brought to the game.
With 30mm Gau-8 autocannon in tow, alongside an arsenal of other weaponry, high-tier players of the game are searching for the upper limits of this jet's abilities. For a bit of fun, the YouTube user " Munitions" lined up his A-10 in a custom battle up against the famed Panzerkamph Wagen VIII, otherwise called the Maus.

At one point, many years and moons ago, the German Maus was one of the toughest, hardest-hitting, and difficult to destroy super-heavy tanks in the game. This 188 metric ton steel leviathan did little more than scare the living daylights out of Allied soldiers in propaganda photographs and newsreels from the German Wermacht. In modern high-tier War Thunder, it's even less useful.

With the A-10 in a full dive, the pilot fires the 30mm autocannon, singing the beautiful song of its people as it hurls round after punishing round of high explosive ordinance into the helpless Maus and its bratwurst consuming crewmembers. The Maus's poor crew found themselves turned into fine German sausage meat when a ten-second burst converted what was once the scariest super-heavy battle tank into a beautiful make-shift barbecue.

You should expect similar tests with more modern War Thunder tanks like the M60 Patton, British Centurion, and T-72 Soviet main battle tank to be quick and forthcoming as more and more people plop down the cash to buy one of if not the most anticipated aircraft released in War Thunder history. Not since the Thunderbolt II appeared in the Ace Combat series has it made anywhere near this impact in the digital space.

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