Aston Martin Commits to 50% EV Sales by the End of This Decade, Says Chief Executive

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The thought of an Aston Martin that sports anything but a thumping great V8 or V12 would have gotten you laughed out of the room at any point in the last several decades. As it happens, the world is changing faster than most people are comfortable with.
It appears one of Britain’s most iconic brands is not even close to be exempt from this sweeping change. Reuters has released a report detailing how new goals from Aston Martin are aiming to make electric at least 50% of all vehicles built by the British brand by 2030s, according to one of their lead executives.

"I would say a minimum of 50% of our sales will be electric, possibly more," said Aston Martin's CEO Tobias Moers during the Reuters Events Automotive Summit. This comes quite sometime after other major British automakers like MG, Land Rover, and Jaguar have all separately committed themselves to renewable fuel sources that more often than not are even more aggressive than the plans put in place by Aston.

The most notable example of this is Jaguar, who’ve already boldly committed themselves to the sustainable vehicle fuel game via their I-Pace crossover-SUV. A vehicle that, as it happens, has been showered with praise in recent times for its innovative design and commitment to extending its technology into the rest of the Jaguar range in the near future.

By comparison, committing to only half of all sales being EVs on the part of Aston Martin may seem like somewhat of a half-measure compared to the near-militant stances in favor of EVs that many global automakers have sworn themselves to.

All the while, pressure from several European nations and key US states like New York and California have already pledged to ban the sale of petrochemical-powered combustion engines by the mid-2030s at the latest. If those laws come to pass, it could be a very rough go of things for James Bond’s preferred automaker.
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