Arto Is an Affordable yet Luxurious German Motorhome Aimed at Off-Road and Off-Grid Living

There's no doubt about it: motorhomes bring numerous benefits, mainly the ability to see the world whenever you like. With this in mind, let's explore a German manufacturer, Niesmann+Bischoff, and their luxury Arto RV. Actually, to call the Arto a simple RV wouldn't be doing this mobile habitat the justice it deserves, and you'll understand why shortly.
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Photo: Niesmann+Bischoff
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Folks, Niesmann+Bischoff (NB) is a German RV manufacturer whose name has been on the market since before most of us were even born, 1955, during the first wave of modern camping and RVing for the nation. Since those days, NB has progressed towards more luxurious and equipped vehicles that take the worries off your mind.

So, to break into this little piece about the Arto, let me point out that for a motorhome of this magnitude, these buggers start out priced at an appealing €87,000 ($92,300 at current exchange rates). The most expensive of the 11 available floorplans starts at €98,250 ($104,200). Not bad, considering all the goodies we're about to run through.

If you happen to encounter the manufacturer's page for the Arto, some of the first words you'll see will be, "We will build you a small house on wheels." That alone is enough to tell you what's in store here. Hell, think about owning a home for $92,300 in today's market. Best of all, if you ever get tired of your neighbors, move on to the next RV park or the edge of some cliff. Imagine breakfast with the morning sun peaking over the Grand Canyon's eastern rim.

Now, before we dive even deeper into a life lived out of an Arto, I invite you to check the images in the gallery. That way, you'll have an even better understanding of what NB has achieved with this one.

Arto Motorhome
Photo: Niesmann+Bischoff
Overall, the base vehicle for the Arto is nothing more than a Fiat Ducato with an AL-KO low frame chassis. FWD will be in charge of pulling you along to greener pastures. However, it will be things like the massive garage, "silent" furniture, and self-sufficient electrical system that are the real gems here, not to mention the general luxuries and comforts accompanying each floorplan. Heck, this bugger is even suitable to be taken off-road; I've added images in the gallery from an adventure that NB wrote about some time ago just to give you a clear picture of what's possible with this one.

Once you've taken in the functional aesthetics of the Arto's bodywork, GRP roof and panels, and all those little storage bays tattered all over the exterior, it's time to head inside, fire this puppy up, and hit the road, all the while controlling a machine up to 8.76 meters (28.7 feet) long.

The interior layout you'll eventually be presented with depends mainly on your needs and budget, but I did mention that sweet garage, and this feature seems to be available to all units. With a height of up to 1.26 meters (4.1 feet), rails, and D-rings, you should be able to fit anything from wakeboards to e-bikes, and possibly even a motocross machine. Fishing poles and other gear and tools are also suitable for this easily accessible space.

Once inside, it's time to simply have a seat - maybe you're the driver - and take in the comforts of this home. One aspect is how NB achieves that whole "silent" approach to the furniture I mentioned. While metal hinges and lockable cabinets make up for this silent treatment, the motor and running gear of this behemoth are also phonically insulated so that your spouse can take a nap while you're hauling butt down the highway.

Arto Motorhome Bedroom
Photo: Niesmann+Bischoff
What I particularly enjoyed about the interior of the Arto RVs is the way they give off that clean and minimalist feel. The result of such styling? More space, fewer things to stub your toe on, and all the systems, furnishings, and features you could ask for. Remember, you're getting yourself a home, and that means a whole lot.

Starting with the rear of units, you'll be able to lay your head at night, enveloped in soft-touch walls and roofs with skylights. Storage space all around ensures you have a place to keep your clothing, helping free up space even more. Towards the front, you'll pass a shower that sits separately from the toilet and vanity, a godsend if traveling with multiple people.

The front half of the Arto is typically reserved for the galley unit, more storage, and a dinette that can be joined by the driver and passenger seat. Up to around six people can all enjoy a meal at the same time. Sleeping arrangements top off at around four to five guests.

But there's more to the story than just the above-mentioned features. While you're driving along, camping under the stars, or simply taking a break from driving, countless hidden systems will ensure you have the power you need and when you need it, keeping the interior at optimal heat settings, ensuring four-season travels, and warm water with which to keep clean.

Sounds like a whole lot of RV if you ask me, and that's something to think about for this sort of price.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom Arto floorplans and exteriors.

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