Hymer ML-T CrossOver Has the Guts and Gusto To Go Where Other Class-C Motorhomes Dare Not

Let's face it, there are clear limits to an RV. Still, in the struggle to unlock new lands and go where very few Class-C motorhomes dare to venture, Hymer has decided to whip out the ML-T CrossOver, an "Edition Model" designed to traverse just about anything you can think of.
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Photo: Hymer GmbH
ML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOver InteriorML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOver GalleyML-T CrossOver BathroomML-T CrossOver InteriorML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOverML-T CrossOver InteriorML-T CrossOver CabML-T CrossOver GarageML-T CrossOver GarageML-T CrossOver Floorplan
Just to be clear, if it's a massive overlander that you're looking for and one to help you venture where few others can, then you need to break open the biggest piggy bank you have because the ML-T CrossOver starts at no less than €146,400 ($155,315 at current exchange rates). The purpose of this short work of literature today is to help you understand what that cash offers and why this trinket is worth considering if you want to traverse mountain ranges, camp on the edge of the Grand Canyon during winter, and go down to a beach during summer.

If the name Hymer is known to you, it's because this brand name has been around since 1923, but because they're German, most Americans haven't heard of them. Recent years have changed all that, and this brand can be found hanging around in countless U.S. dealerships. Considering the brand even has a museum dedicated to their works and progressive leaps, it places them alongside others like Airstream and Winnebago; you're about to find out why.

One way to see what we're being offered is to check out the gallery. Once you've done that, come back to the text to get a feel for the things not seen in the images, all of which starts with nothing more than a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 419 CDI chassis and a 190-horsepower engine. Yup, it's a diesel, alright. A permanent AWD and 9G-Tronic automatic transmission yield the off-roading magic. Throw on a reinforced front axle, engine and undercarriage protection, a suspension lift, and AT tires, and you're ready to go.

ML\-T CrossOver
Photo: Hymer GmbH
For this machine, I'm going to skip over features like the three beds available, wet bath, and galley setup and instead focus on all those little knick-knacks that have been added to ensure you reach whatever destination you've circled on your map.

Because Mercedes-Benz is at the base for this hunk of mobile home, future owners can look forward to "demand-dependent torque distribution," Adaptive ESP or 4ETS, active lane keeping assist, attention assist, and a slew of other features designed for safety, comfort, and the ability to cross that riverbed, snow-covered hills, and rocky roads, all the while, carrying a home suitable for three on your back.

As for those features that off-grid explorers want and even need, Hymer has taken the time to ensure you don't go anywhere else for your needs. With that in mind, solar panels, controller, and display are standard in the ML-T, including up to three batteries, but so is a 6-kilo-watt diesel warn air system, a 10-liter (2.6-gallon) water boiler, and even an altitude kit. One sweet aspect of the ML-T's electrical system is that it can maintain living standards for up to 10 days without being connected to a power source.

ML\-T CrossOver Garage
Photo: Hymer GmbH
The final feature is the pass-through garage space found at the rear of the ML-T. It's here that you'll pack all your gear, including tools and even a bicycle or two. Fishing poles, skis, and even snowboards look like they'll fit. Let's remember that roof rack and ladder, too, pushing cargo-carrying abilities even further.

What's all that amount to? I invite you to once again view the image gallery and even the video below. Take those two things, pepper in some imagination, and I'm sure you'll have something to discuss over Christmas dinner. I wish you safe and comfy travels.

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