Are These Nissan GT-Rs Abandoned in Dubai?

From its home country to the Arab world, the Nissan GT-R has tons and tons of fans. However, not all Godzilla owners can afford to spoil their supercars with a garage. And when this leads to examples of the Nissan halo car being left outside in Dubai, the result can easily give an aficionado a bad day.
Nissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in Dubai 7 photos
Nissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in DubaiNissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in DubaiNissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in DubaiNissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in DubaiNissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in DubaiNissan GT-Rs and Toyota Supra in Dubai
In fact, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which comes from Dubai, shows a few GT-Rs spending their time on the street, with the result looking slightly depressing.

In fact, the appearance of these Nissans, which are accompanied by a Supra (yes, this is the fourth-gen model everybody cherishes), has determined certain aficionados to wonder if the velocity tools have been abandoned.

We think the this is not the answer and there are at least two arguments that back up our assumption. For one thing, the weather in Dubai means that cars parked outside can end up in a state such as the one seen here rather quickly.

And, judging by the multitude of tuning bits found on the machines, we could be dealing with a group of supercars sitting in front a tuning shop. The velocity demons could be in various stages of modification, waiting to receive the mandatory attention from the tuning specialists.

Speaking of that part of the world, we'll remind you that the Dubai Police has recently delivered an interesting perspective on updating its fleet of vehicles. And we're not talking about another supercar, hypercar of G63 AMG - the said police department has the spiciest vehicle pool in the world, remember?

Instead, the officers will soon ride hoverbikes. To be more precise, the fresh hardware involves Scorpion 3 units, which can lift up to 660 lbs (make that 300 kg)

So yes at least, when it comes to Dubai, the long arm of the law is now a four-dimensional matter.


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