Alfa Romeo Stelvio Takes on Jaguar E-Pace, Lexus NX in SUV Review Nobody Wanted

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Take on Jaguar E-Pace and Lexus NX in SUV Review Nobody Wante 3 photos
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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Take on Jaguar E-Pace and Lexus NX in SUV Review Nobody WanteAlfa Romeo Stelvio Take on Jaguar E-Pace and Lexus NX in SUV Review Nobody Wante
We've seen a lot of review for the normal-sized premium SUVs, and most of them are about what the Germans are doing, the X3, GLC, and Q5. But this video focuses on three alternatives, Japanese, British and Italian.
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Jaguar E-Pace and Lexus NX 300h have very little in common. But this review does show all have obvious shortcomings in the features and build quality department.
Besides that, the three aren't direct rivals, or at least we don't think they are. The Jaguar E-Pace is smaller than the F-Pace, which we would have seen as the Alfa Stelvio alternative. Also, the Lexus NX 300h is in a segment of its own, the only model of this size that never had and never will have a diesel engine. That's smart on Lexus' part, but it doesn't make the NX good.

While the Stelvio is the dynamic one of the bunch, the same cannot be said about the hybrid: CVT gearbox, soft suspension, and no dynamic ambition. The Jaguar E-Pace meanwhile has a weird flaw of being small yet heavier than expected. But because it's fitted with stiff suspension, the model hides its bulk well.

Team REV, made up of three British women, also runs us through the quirks of these interiors. Jaguar has some of the worst infotainments in the business, but it's the best one here. Its cabin fits you snugly, and that lovely red leather makes it as expensive as cars from the segment above.

The Alfa is great dynamically, but it's built to a budget, and its iDrive copy system is not the real deal. Still, you could do worse. For example, you could be in a Lexus with a touchpad that's difficult to understand.

The most entertaining part of the review comes at the end, where they off-road test them and try to make pasta or fold origami. The winner? It's the Stelvio if you ask us, but the three women say there's a market for each.

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