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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon Rendering Is More Drool-Inducing Than a Lemon

It may not raise the brand to its previous levels of fame, it may not bring it lots of money, but the Giulia sedan has surely reminded everyone what Alfa Romeo is all about.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon rendering 3 photos
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon renderingAlfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon rendering
Well, not so much the Giulia as the Quadrifoglio version, to be honest. The thought of that Ferrari V6 engine (wait, what?) and the 505 hp on a rear-wheel-drive Italian sedan is enough to give petrolheads wet dreams. But how about those car enthusiasts who have made the mistake of getting married and having children before the Giulia came out, and are now in need of a car with more space?

Well, hopefully, they can get the Giulia as a wagon, but that's something that Alfa Romeo hasn't confirmed yet. There are some pretty credible rumors going around that claim it's a done deal, but that's all they are at the moment: rumors. However, considering Alfa Romeo is looking to expand its somewhat restrictive range of models, a Giulia station wagon would make perfect sense since it would add another option with minimum fuss.

But two questions are surrounding this possible new model. The first is whether the designers manage to keep it sexy despite the larger bottom? This rendering suggests that they will. And considering we've seen a few already and all of them have looked more or less the same, that either means that these artists lack imagination, or that the conversion is so straightforward that there's really no other way of doing it. With the result looking as good as it does, we tend to believe the latter possibility to be the correct one, and unless you have a visceral hate for all things non-sedan, then we can't see how anyone would fail to fall in love with the Giulia Sportwagon.

The second question raised by an estate version is whether the 2.9-liter V6 engine will make it under its hood. With performance station wagons popping up from everywhere, it would be a weird decision on behalf of Alfa Romeo not to do it, but you can only be


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