ALFA ROMEO Giulia Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 4
First production year: 1962
Engines: Gasoline, Diesel

2022 - Present

Alfa Romeo took the sports compact premium sedans by storm in 2015 when it introduced the Giulia, a car that took competitors by surprise and even made it across the ocean to the U.S. shores. After failing to satisfy American customers back in the 90s, Alfa Romeo had to take a step back and focus on its European products. But when the new generation of the Giulia came on the market, it was time to cross the Atlantic ocean and roll its wheels onto American soil in 2015. But fast forward another seven years, and the Giulia received a new upgrade. At the front, the "Trilobo" gri...

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2016 - 2022

The Giulia marked the return of the rear-wheel-drive sedans for the Italian car-maker. It was a complex program that led to a big change in its entire lineup. It was a true contender for the premium German cars. Italian cars were all about styling. With some exceptions, all of them were well designed. Unfortunately, the change to the front-wheel-drive was a good idea for mas-market, but not a bright one for the premium segment. Alfa Romeo managed to revolutionize its range with the introduction of the 2016 Giulia. The exterior design was one of its most important advantages. The big, t...

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gasoline engines:

  ALFA ROMEO Giulia 2.0L 8AT (200 HP)

  ALFA ROMEO Giulia 2.0L 8AT (280 HP)

  ALFA ROMEO Giulia 2.0L 8AT AWD (280 HP)


1965 - 1972

After the Giulietta era, when Alfa Romeo sold almost 180.000 units, the Italian carmaker made a successor for it, the Giulia. Giulia was designed as a sporty sedan, but Autodelta, Alfa Romeo's motorsport department, understood that it might be an excellent race car and pushed the company to make it as a coupe. Bertone started to work and shortened Giulia's platform and designed a new bodywork for it, which barely resembled the sedan version. The only parts that could resemble the sedan version were the headlights. Yet, in those times, most cars featured round headlamps. With ...

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gasoline engines:

  ALFA ROMEO Giulia Coupe 1300 GTA Junior 1.3L 5MT (96 HP)


1962 - 1978

Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia model in 1962, at the Monza racing circuit. This new saloon car from Alfa featured a new aerodynamic look - curved windscreen, rounded headlights and cam tail - and was fitted with a 1.6L engine delivering 92 hp and reaching a top speed of 102 mph. The Giulia Berlina was equipped with both front and rear benches (therefore able to accommodate up to 6 people), plenty of leg room and rear arm rest. This model was available with two other trim levels - TI and TI Super - and underwent its first changes in 1972, when it received larger engines and different drive ra...

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