Alfa Romeo 4C Spider GTA Rendered: a Tribute to the Original

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider GTA 3 photos
Photo: X-Tomi Design
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider GTAAlfa Romeo 4C Spider GTA
Seeing such a beautiful car like the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider on the showroom floor in Detroit this year inevitably caused some of the most hardcore auto enthusiasts to have some really... interesting dreams. One of them was the guy behind X-Tomi Designs that went to work and tried to create a hardcore version of it.
Dubbed GTA as a tribute to the original hardcore Alfa that used to be raced in the late 1960s, the model we’re looking at here is no longer ‘ordinary’. Not that the 4C could ever be called that but this one takes it up just a little notch.

According to its creator, the body received redesigned bumpers, larger brakes, black wheels, a lower suspension, new air diffuser at the back and side skirts. Yes, it sure does look the part but the GTA models weren’t modified only visually, they could also, as they say, walk the walk.

Well, X-Tomi claims that in his vision, the car would get an upgraded 1.75-liter engine similar to the one used in the other 4C models around but taken up to 280 HP unlike the 240 HP the rest of the platoon has.

Yes, we know, it doesn’t seem like much but the trick is that the Alfa was built to be light on its feet in the first place. Therefore, in case you didn’t know, the curb weight of the coupe stands at 2,465 lbs (1,118 kg) which allows it to do unspeakable things.

The Spider version isn’t all that heavier either, adding just 20 kg (44 lbs) to the mix. Yeah, we’d be all up for a GTA 4C Spider!
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