Adorable 21-foot Tiny Shows a Surprisingly Sophisticated Take on Minimalism

The gorgeous Hygge tiny by Uber Tiny Homes squeezes flawless style into a compact package 11 photos
Photo: Uber Tiny Homes
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Short-term accommodation doesn't need to be either boring or modest. This stunning design by Uber Tiny Homes proves that even homes on wheels that are meant to be ultra-compact can squeeze in remarkable functionality and even flawless style worthy of a luxurious abode.
Australian builder Uber Tiny Homes is one of those brands that want to offer their customers a wide range of options in terms of size, materials, and final touches. This includes models that are specifically designed for families and long-term accommodation and models at the other end of the spectrum, which are adapted for short-term needs, as well as everything in between.

The Hygge is the most compact option available at Uber Tiny Homes. As its name implies, this is a house designed to enhance a happy lifestyle and a stronger connection with nature. You might think that a home on wheels that's just a little over 6.5 meters (21.6 feet) could hardly have interesting features to show off, yet the Hygge goes well beyond the basics. It reveals a contemporary, elegant take on minimalism that adds functionality while focusing on stylish décor.

The final result is anything but a rustic, rugged haven in the middle of nature: Hygge embodies the concept of glamping that has become so popular in recent years, which is all about adding comfort and even luxury to outdoor experiences.

The Hygge
Photo: Uber Tiny Homes
As an ultra-compact tiny house, Hygge comes with a simple, single-level layout that doesn't include a separate bedroom. Dividing the floor space into multi-function areas was one of the main ways to make the most of what was available without creating clutter. This is why the lounge doubles as a sleeping area, and the breakfast bar in the kitchen is also a fabulous home office desk.

The Hygge Tiny welcomes its guests inside a beautiful, light-filled lounge. A built-in, L-shaped sofa takes up most of the space, turning it into an inviting relaxation cocoon. It's a key piece of furniture that offers massive hidden storage and also doubles as a bed for two. A large picture window offers the best view and visually expands the lounge outside. Tiny shelves and open cabinets also offer discrete storage.

While Hygge obviously doesn't match the storage capabilities of the bigger Uber Tiny Homes models, it's more generous in this department than other tiny homes designed for short stays. It's also better in terms of functionality. For instance, the adorable breakfast bar by the window doubles as a smart work desk for folks who can't leave their work behind, even during short vacations. This way, a simple bar and a couple of chairs offer a great dining setup for two, as well as a work desk while taking up minimal space. Plus, having a study instantly makes Hygge look more polished and contemporary.

The Hygge
Photo: Uber Tiny Homes
Although compact, Hygge's kitchen covers all the cooking basics, including a cute mini bar fridge. Cupboards and open cabinets help keep everything neatly organized without compromising the home's clean aesthetics. Gas-strut windows are another clever addition that creates a sense of effortless openness. Apart from the practical cross-ventilation function, they literally open Hygge to its natural surroundings, magically turning the breakfast bar into an indoor/outdoor area.

Behind a slim, elegant door with a wide glass insertion that visually creates the illusion of uninterrupted spaces, Hygge's bathroom holds another surprise: a double shower inside a modern cabin, which emphasizes the home's exotic retreat vibe. The toilet can be conventional or eco-friendly, depending on what the owners prefer. Style-wise, the sophisticated mix of modern shapes and unusual materials adds a luxurious touch. The bathroom alone is a lesson in contemporary minimalism, with its intricate textures and intriguing designs.

A calming color palette in neutral tones and contrasting black accents also make Hygge look fresh and contemporary, as well as the black cladding that creates a spectacular contrast to the transparency effect of the large windows. The feature wall in the lounge/bedroom area adds visual depth in the most discrete way, just like the soft interplay between hidden storage solutions and conventional pieces of furniture.

The Hygge
Photo: Uber Tiny Homes
Last but not least, adding a deck would be the cherry on top of this chic, functional abode. This optional feature allows owners to not only expand their living area but also to add even more cool features, such as an outdoor bathtub (a glamping must-have) and a cozy outdoor seating arrangement.

In the end, the best part about a sophisticated compact home on wheels is that it can suit a contemporary minimalist even long term, despite only boasting 16.6 square meters (179 square feet) of floor space. With a few tweaks, Hygge could easily become someone's ultimate minimalist oasis that's both comfortable and affordable. Pricing starts at AUD115,000 ($75,000), making this a great choice for anyone who's starting out in the vacation rental business or thinking of downsizing in a stylish way.
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