Fabulous Mobile Home Merges Old Southern Elegance With Hotel-Style Luxury

The 2-bedroom Key West boasts a unique layout with two separate bathrooms 12 photos
Photo: O'Hara
2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home2-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home
The nostalgic architecture of America's Old South, modern Japanese minimalism, and five-star hotel accommodation: these are the main ingredients in the eclectic formula created by one of the oldest French mobile house builder to redefine tomorrow’s camping experience.
Few concepts in the world of tiny living are as unique and ingenious as the Kew West capsule collection created by O'Hara. This prestigious mobile house company in France drew its primary inspiration from a very unique source – the architecture of the classic houses we see in the southern states of the US. It happened in a very personal way. Annette and Louis-Claude Roux took a memorable trip to America in the early '90s and were deeply impressed by the local mobile home phenomenon.

They also happened to be the founders of one of the most luxurious boat-building companies in Europe, currently operating as Groupe Beneteau. An auspicious marriage between the French boatmaker's know-how and the Old Southern inspiration resulted in a mobile house brand named O'Hara. To make things even more sophisticated, the brand added special ingredients: a touch of Japanese minimalism and, above all, the best amenities and comfort standards derived from the industry of high-end hospitality.

In other words, the O'Hara mobile homes look like Old Southern mansions and feel like ultra-expensive hotels. Over the years, the French innovator continued to refine this unique concept, bringing it to the flawless level of today's Key West capsule.

2\-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home
Photo: O'Hara
On a technical note, the Key West mobile homes are designed to comply with the French legislation in the field, which means they can’t be used as a primary or permanent residence. According to the regulations in France, these mobile homes are intended for leisure or temporary use, and they're typically set up at campsites. One can set up a home like this in their own backyard only over a determined period of time if, for instance, they're renovating their main house.

Whether at a campsite or in a residential leisure park, the Key West mobile home by O'Hara looks exquisitely sumptuous. Forget exotic resorts – this is the best way to enjoy an immersive outdoor experience while indulging in the pure comfort of a hotel-style private sanctuary. Generous accommodation designed to ensure total privacy merges with an ultra-modern open-space layout meant to bring the outdoors in.

The two-bedroom Key West mobile home is perhaps the most balanced model in the entire capsule collection, offering the perfect configuration for most lifestyles and preferences. It's ideally suited for a family of four or for a couple who wishes to have friends and family over often. With a floor space of 40 square meters (430.5 square feet), this two-bedroom dwelling turns campsite living into a luxurious, compromise-free experience.

2\-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home
Photo: O'Hara
On the outside, you're immediately struck by the majestic beauty of the white ornamental columns and the façade that seems to be almost transparent due to the extensive glazing. This is part of O'Hara's signature style, defined as "Old Southern charm revisited." You can see the romance of the old American houses with wooden beams and wide-open facades in the contemporary Key West mobile home.

The façade, which seems to be almost entirely made of glass, creates a very modern indoor/outdoor effect, blurring the formal separation between what's inside and the home's natural surroundings. Another important feature is the private access to each of the bedrooms, in addition to the fabulous views provided by these floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Together with the open-concept layout, this creates a seamless flow that makes the entire house seem fluid and fully immersed in nature.

Sliding glass doors connect each bedroom to the outside. One is the master suite, exquisitely decorated like a luxury hotel room. It houses a queen-sized bed with ample walk-around space and lots of built-in storage. The en-suite bathroom is equally sophisticated, matching premium appliances with spa-like storage solutions. A his-and-hers shower column adds a hotel quality to the extra-large shower, as well as the oversized mirror and the generous vanity with built-in storage.

2\-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home
Photo: O'Hara
The second room is one of the most elegant interpretations of a children's room ever seen in a mobile home. It would be more appropriate to call it a guest suite because of the elegant vibe. Two single beds are accompanied by a sophisticated wooden headboard with built-in bedside tables, lights, and storage – a fabulous way to save space and add functionality. Unlike the master suite, this room comes with a private shower area and with a separate toilet.

Having separate entrances and private en-suite bathrooms makes both of these bedrooms entirely private and separate from one another. Plus, none of them requires passing through the living area to go outside. This is a rare treat when it comes to tiny homes in general and one that makes the two-bedroom Key West highly versatile and adaptable to multiple accommodation scenarios.

Another uniquely extravagant feature of this French mobile home is the voluminous open-space area comprised of a modern-style kitchen, an old-school lounge, and a comfortable dining area. There's no formal separation between these three areas, yet each one enjoys plenty of space and is fully equipped.

2\-Bedroom Key West Mobile Home
Photo: O'Hara
The elegant dining table with four chairs and a pendant light above creates a wonderful, cozy cocoon for the entire family while staying fully open to the outside view. A classic sofa and two plush armchairs create the perfect living room setup, complete with a wall-mounted TV and matching coffee tables. As for the kitchen, it maximizes functionality by integrating full-size appliances into custom-designed furniture with lots of storage.

While the delicate Japanese touch is noticeable in the interior's clean, tranquil design and the neutral color palette, certain elements, such as heavy curtains and sophisticated lights, add French hotel elegance.

Needless to say, natural light floods every nook and cranny of this gorgeous home thanks to its ingenious design with a focus on the outdoors. With its sophisticated configuration and flawless styling, Key West redefines the concept of a two-bedroom mobile home for the next era.

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