The Spacious Scandi Inn Is a Gorgeous Take on Modern Rustic Style

The Scandi Inn puts a contemporary spin on timeless cabin aesthetics 28 photos
Photo: Backcountry Tiny Homes
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Admirable craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail turn this classic-style tiny house into a modern masterpiece. The custom-built Scandi Inn proves that rustic doesn't mean outdated and that classic elegance is always the best choice.
Inherent size limitations don't stop homes on wheels from being wonderfully welcoming and cozy as long as every inch of space is used wisely. Style becomes even more important in these small dwellings than in standard homes because every tiny detail can make a big difference. The world of tiny living reveals an incredible diversity style-wise, ranging from the most rugged versions with a strong focus on functionality to futuristic designs packed with quirky accents.

The modern rustic aesthetic will most likely never go out of style precisely because it's one of the most balanced, harmonious options, marrying the best of both worlds. As its name suggests, the Scandi Inn takes its inspiration from the popular Scandinavian minimalism and puts a good old American spin on it.The result is a sumptuous cabin-like tiny home in the mountains, ultra-cozy and impeccably functional.

This custom creation from the popular New Hampshire builder Backcountry Tiny Homes looks and feels much bigger than its actual size. It's only 24 feet long (7.3 meters) and 8.5 feet wide (2.5 meters), yet it boasts the luxurious feel of a fancy vacation home in the mountains. A dual-loft configuration with a roomy lounge ensures generous accommodation, while the stunning kitchen is a modern work of art.

The Scandi Inn
Photo: Backcountry Tiny Homes
In a sea of pristine, white tiny homes with neutral-toned interiors, the Scandi Inn makes a bold statement with its fully black exterior and vibrant color scheme where black and dark wood tones are predominant. This is the type of home you instantly notice and never forget. Inside, the comfortable ambiance reminiscent of traditional wood cabins blends with premium appliances and modern materials for an ultra-sophisticated look.

As soon as you step inside, you're greeted by the elegant lounge. A black L-shaped sofa takes center stage, offering you a premium spot next to the huge picture window for the perfect view and an immersive experience. This sofa is big enough to welcome multiple guests and can even provide additional overnight accommodation.

Right above it, a small loft with minimal metallic handrails can serve as a second relaxation area. It's a modern alternative to the classic reading corner, where someone can enjoy some alone time and tend to their hobbies. Alternatively, this secondary loft could also come in handy for storing larger items.

The Scandi Inn
Photo: Backcountry Tiny Homes
The Scandi Inn's lounge connects beautifully to the kitchen through a transition dining area. It's only a compact snack bar with a couple of seats, crafted as an extension of the wooden countertop. This type of addition helps turn the lounge and kitchen into a larger indoor/outdoor area that's particularly practical for summer BBQs when it becomes one big socializing space.

Large windows throughout keep the entire ground floor filled with natural light. The black trims help bring it all together in terms of style and bring out the beauty of the natural wood even more. Another striking accent is the black tile backsplash that instantly elevates the kitchen to a contemporary standard. Instead of old-fashioned overhead cupboards, this kitchen features delicate wooden shelves that stand out against the black backsplash.

There's no need for an excess of cabinets since the staircase storage is more than generous. These aren't simple, tiny drawers; this staircase is big enough to integrate pantry-like cabinets with multiple compartments. The cabinetry underneath the countertop is also ingeniously compartmentalized for maximum efficiency.

In other words, this is a kitchen where it's very easy to find what you need, store everything you want, and keep everything in order. The full-size appliances (all black) are seamlessly integrated to maximize spaciousness.

The Scandi Inn
Photo: Backcountry Tiny Homes
Apart from the abundant storage, this staircase provides a comfy, easy way to access the main loft, which is meant to be the master bedroom. A big bed with ample walk-around space dominates the room, flanked by double windows.

An almost full-size protection wall made of wood adds privacy, creating the tranquil, safe ambiance of a traditional, enclosed bedroom. Another clever way to use every inch of space was to add storage capabilities to this wall section on both sides – it's important to have some space for décor items that add personality without creating clutter.

Last but not least, the bathroom reveals an elegant mix of traditional cabin elements and modern style. The sophisticated shower design contrasts the natural wood shiplap walls, while a large window keeps this room luminous and airy. Instead of a classic vanity, the space underneath the sink was used to add a washing machine – another ingenious hack to make the most of the available floor space.

The Scandi Inn
Photo: Backcountry Tiny Homes
Although perfectly equipped for year-round living, the Scandi Inn is also an ideal vacation home that puts a spin on the timeless mountain cabin charm. It's no surprise that members of the Backcountry Tiny Homes family are tiny house owners themselves – creations like Scandi Inn don't just look on paper but are full of life from the moment they're completed.
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