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A90 Toyota Supra Tuned As a Tribute to Paul Walker, Only Three Units Available

A Japanese lifestyle magazine teamed up with the tuners at TOM's to design a kit for the Toyota Supra A90. That is not all, as the kit is meant to be a tribute to the late Paul Walker, who used to own a Supra himself.
Toyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's Japan 6 photos
Toyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's JapanPlug-and-play ECU piggyback for Toyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's JapanKW Variant 3 coilovers for Toyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's JapanBMW LM alloy rims for Toyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's JapanToyota GR Supra A90 tuned by TOM's Japan
To make this kit special, TOM's has decided to limit its availability. Just three units of the Toyota Supra A90 will receive it, and it is meant to be painted white. Now, some may think that this is an odd choice, as the Supra that was made famous in the Fast and Furious movie franchise is orange. Not so fast, as there is an explanation for this.

If you remember Furious 7, you might recall a white Mk4 Toyota Supra. That example was owned by Paul Walker himself, and that is the reason the Japanese tuning house, along with the Safari lifestyle magazine, chose to customize three white Toyota Supra units instead of orange ones.

On the outside, the kit consists of a large rear spoiler and a small front lip. The former is designed to be a nod to the previous generation of the Supra, called A80, which has been a fan favorite for years now. Just like Paul Walker's actual Supra, the car comes with BBS LM wheels.

TOM's has also fitted a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers, which reduce the ride height and can be adjusted on several parameters. Mind you, it would be wise to get an alignment and have a suspension specialist set these up if you decide to buy them yourself.

The package would not be complete without more power, and TOM's offers its Power Box, which bumps available resources from 382 hp (285 kW) to 420 horsepower (313 kW). The unit is made to mate up with the stock harness, and we can trust TOM's experts on this, as they are a tuning shop that is approved by the Toyota Motor Company.

An example will cost 12.97 million Japanese Yen, which is the equivalent of $116.696 at current exchange rate at the time of writing. Since supply is limited, the Japanese magazine announced that a lottery will be held to choose the three lucky buyers.

We appreciate their initiative with the lottery system on this instead of just starting a bidding war, which would have hiked the price of these examples of the A90 Supra.


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