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A Woman Uses Her Body To Book a Parking Spot but a Driver Keeps Reversing

Some people use various objects such as a chair, a traffic cone, or even a dumpster to reserve a parking space. However, there is another unwritten but quite common technique in real traffic. A person sits in a parking space on behalf of a friend or relative, thus reserving the parking space, and forcing other drivers passing by to look for another spot. This can be a risky move, a YouTube clip shows.
A Singaporean woman wanted save parking spot 6 photos
A Singaporean woman wanted save parking spotA Singaporean woman wanted save parking spotA Singaporean woman wanted save parking spotA Singaporean woman wanted save parking spotA Singaporean woman wanted save parking spot
A Singaporean woman who wanted to reserve a parking space for her husband was forced to pull out of the parking lot after another driver forced her to vacate the space. He backed out until the woman was forced to move.

The couple had spotted a parking space in a busy area of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands shopping center and, to ensure she took the space, the woman got out and stood between the lines that marked the parking space. The woman was going to stand there until her husband drove up. She remains firm and seems to ask "What are you going to do about it?" at another driver who has spotted the place and wants to park.

Unfortunately for her, before her husband arrived, another driver drove by. He parked his car, despite the woman's protests.

The incident was captured on the driver's dashcams and was shared on social media. In the video, the woman can be seen sitting casually in the vacant parking spot and while another red sedan gave up the chance to park in that spot, the driver who also filmed the whole thing with his dashcam refused to budge.

This driver slowly backed in. This was while the woman continuously banged on the car in an attempt to prevent him from parking.

She walked over to the driver's seat, telling him that she had already booked the parking space. While the driver insisted on calling security, the woman threatened to call the police.

Social media users who saw the images supported the driver's action.

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