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This Parking Solution Is Either Pure Genius, Or Pure Evil

According to statistics by the Department of Transportation, there are 1.88 cars per household in the U.S., and just 9 percent of American families did not have a car or truck in their possession in 2017. That’s a lot of vehicles in need of a lot of parking spaces.
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The 1.88 number is of course an average – there are families who own just one vehicle, and others that own two or more. A small percentage have entire fleets, but they don’t concern us now.

It’s the families with two or more cars we care about for this piece, because it is they who have the biggest chance of needing more space in the garage. And for them we found this thing here, a piece of tech that might just provide the perfect answer to their needs.

It’s called Autostacker and it does just that: stack cars. And it can do so in the privacy of your own garage, provided it’s large enough to accommodate it.

Autostacker has been designed to facilitate parking two cars one on top of the other. It’s a sort of a home car lift that allows the first one to be parked on a deck that then rises and makes room for another one to slot underneath.

The lift can support the weight of most passenger vehicles made today, including SUVs - 6,000 pounds (2.7 tons). The rising deck can be accessed by low-stance machines like sports cars because of the gentle angle of the build, while the zinc-coated platform doesn’t allow any fluids to make their way down to the vehicle underneath.

Because of the way in which it was made, the technology can also be used in parking lots, which could literally double their capacity if they choose to install one of these in each available spot, or in showrooms.

There’s a small downside to this when talking about public lots, though: what happens when the owner of the car on top needs to go about his business, and the one beneath is still there and won’t be leaving for a while?

The full spec sheets for the Autostacker can be found at this link. There are two versions of teh Autostacker, priced at $6,350 and $6,850, respectivelly.

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