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This London Parking Space Costs £85,000 – You Have to Exit Through the Sunroof

Anyone who has ever lived in a big city is aware of the shortage of parking spaces. If you own a car, you need to have a space to park it, and this makes the price tags soar through the roof. Just like you'd have to do for this London parking space, which seems to be the icing on the cake: it sells for £85,000 ($104,000), and there’s hardly any space to open the doors.
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London, one of the most famous capitals in the world, also hosts a lot of expensive real estate and cars. So, one might expect to see high prices for parking spaces.

But this garage near Harrods in Knightsbridge, Central London, is selling a two-meter (6.6 ft) wide parking space for the astonishing sum of £85,000 ($104,000). Which is more than a brand-new car.

Yes, I know what you’re saying, it’s a very central location, which obviously makes it pricier. But this isn’t everything, because this parking space is sandwiched between two walls, and it barely gives you enough space to actually park your vehicle. Measuring two meters in width (6.6 ft) and five and a half meters (18 ft) in length, don’t even think about parking an SUV there, because there’s little to no room.

In fact, you’d have to be an absolute parking master to reverse into the spot. That’s not all. You have to be in amazing shape because you’d have to exit through the car’s sunroof, since the two-meter (6.6 ft) space is not enough to let you open your car’s doors. The current owner of the space has thought of all that and has even covered some of the sharpest corners to avoid scratching his car.

Luckily, it is in a very good location, with two automated gates, and CCTV, so you'd know your car is safe. According to the listing on Rightmove, it also benefits from access to water. Great. Try washing the sides of the car you squeeze in there... 

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