A Dodge Challenger Breaks a Wheel During Drifting and the Moment Sounds Pretty Expensive

Dodge Challenger Breaks a Wheel 6 photos
Photo: Reddit
Dodge Challenger Breaks a WheelDodge Challenger Breaks a WheelDodge Challenger Breaks a WheelDodge Challenger Breaks a WheelDodge Challenger Breaks a Wheel
A video that appeared online shows what can go wrong when drifting a car. Someone uploaded a video to Reddit in which we see how easily the rear wheel of a Dodge Challenger can break while drifting in a parking lot.
In just a few seconds you can see the car enter the parking lot, start to drift and at one point a sound is heard as the wheel breaks. The problem most likely occurred when the wheel encountered a pothole or a manhole.

On closer look, you can also see the wheel break and in the background, you can hear the stunned reaction of the crowd. The driver is left with nothing to do but get out and see the damage.

Given that the events are taking place in what appears to be a car park, one good thing would be that there were no casualties among onlookers.

Drifting is an exciting but dangerous type of driving. It is also illegal when practiced on public roads and even in private car parks.

Drifting has been an issue of contention between law enforcement and enthusiasts for years, and penalties for violating drifting laws vary by state and locality. However, in this case, the driver will probably only have to pay for the car repairs. At best, it just broke the wheel. But it most likely destroyed the suspension and broke the rear axle as well, in addition to the damage to the bodywork, so it won't be a cheap repair.

"The guy he stole it from is going to be pissed!" is the amusing comment posted on Redid by one user, but "They'll go and steal another" someone else completes.

On a more serious note, drifting can be very dangerous, especially on public roads. Like any other type of racing or high-performance driving, it is best suited to be performed in a controlled environment.

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