'69 Pontiac GTO for Sale: Would You Kick the Modern-Day Chevy Camaro out of Bed for It?

Classic muscle cars come in multiple shapes, and if you feel like Pontiac made the best of them, then this GTO is probably the suitable ride for you. Chances are it is; otherwise, you would not be reading these lines.
1969 Pontiac GTO 15 photos
Photo: Garage Kept Motors
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Made by the brand that was killed by General Motors over one decade ago, this Pontiac GTO came to life back in 1969. As a result, it is part of the second generation of the series, which was produced from 1968 to 1972. Each model year saw some updates, like the revised grille and taillights and some interior modifications for 1969.

Two powertrain options were available for the second-gen Pontiac GTO: a 6.6-liter and a 7.5-liter V8 mated to automatic and manual transmissions. Offered in three body styles, the muscle car was related to the era's Chevrolet Malibu SS, Oldsmobile 442, and Buick Skylark Gran Sport. It rolled off the line at multiple factories all over the United States and in Ontario, Canada, and had a slightly longer wheelbase than the sixth-gen Camaro, which is the sole muscle car made under the close watch of GM these days.

Sporting green on the outside and black on the inside, this 1969 Pontiac GTO uses the 400 cubic-inch V8. It is the 6.6-liter unit, which was good for 350 horsepower back in the day. An automatic transmission with three gears delivers the output to the rear wheels. Mind you, roughly 350 hp is nothing in terms of performance these days, as there are hatchbacks with more power than that, but keep in mind that this muscle car is 54 years old and lacks every modern technology and safety gear that we usually take for granted.

The multitude of images released by Garage Kept Motors reveal that the car is in very good shape. The exterior is clean, it does not have any noticeable wear and tear inside, and the underbody and engine bay look very good for an old-timer. According to the listing, which you can check out here, this Pontiac GTO has only 25,783 miles (41,494 km) on the odo. This, and a possible restoration, would justify the overall shiny appearance of this classic ride.

Depending on the model year, specification, and mileage, a Pontiac GTO can cost a small fortune when it comes to the best copies. This one, however, is listed for $44,900, which would otherwise get you a V8-powered, fresh-off-the-lot Chevy Camaro from the sixth and latest iteration. That is a nice dilemma to have, yet if we were searching for a fun weekend ride, then we'd probably favor this GTO over a modern-day muscle car despite the potential hassle surrounding any classic ride. But would you do the same?
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