2026 Dodge Durango Drops the CGI Curtain, Looks Like a Rebodied Jeep

2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering2026 Dodge Durango - Rendering
Dodge has recently taken the first important step into its future by unveiling the new-gen Charger. The coupe and sedan feature electric and internal combustion power, and they have become the talk of the town, especially since the two-door model is the first and only EV muscle car.
Another fresh Dodge product is the Hornet, albeit this is nothing more than a rebodied Alfa Romeo Tonale. The crossover comes from $31,400, excluding destination, and sits below the larger Durango. The latter is an aging product, with the third generation being 14 years old, and it should drive off into the sunset sooner rather than later.

The 2024 family starts from $41,670 with the base SXT. Dodge also offers the SXT Plus, GT, GT Plus, GT Premium, Citadel, R/T, R/T Plus, R/T Premium, SRT 392, SRT 392 Plus, and SRT 392 Premium grades. The SRT Hellcat, with its supercharged 6.2L V8 making 710 hp (720 ps/530 kW), comes from $95,995, and the better equipped SRT Hellcat Plus and SRT Hellcat Premium can be ordered from $101,995 and $107,200.

That's a lot of money to pay for a Dodge, especially an old one. However, its output is on par with the discontinued McLaren 720S, and it puts out more than the Lamborghini Urus S and Performante. Both have 657 hp (666 ps/490 kW) to play with, and they cost more than twice the money. Thus, it's easy to see why certain people would choose the Durango SRT Hellcat over something similarly powerful from an exotic car brand.

2026 Dodge Durango \- Rendering
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
Are you curious what the future holds for the Dodge Durango? So are we, and it appears it might launch for the 2026 model year shortly after the current one will leave the assembly line for good. It is expected to have battery-electric power, to absolutely nobody's surprise. However, the lineup is also believed to include one or more ICE-powered models, and it remains to be seen whether it will be the EV or the ICE that will top the current Hellcat's thrust and performance.

We think the first prototypes will start hitting the road towards the end of the year or in 2025, and when they do, they will have nothing in common with these renderings. The CGIs came from Nihar Mazumdar on Benhance, who used the Jeep Wagoneer as an almost blank canvas. The front end was inspired by the latest-gen Charger, which we briefly spoke about in the intro, and the back end is also new and different from the one of the said Jeep.

Besides the new front and rear fascias, the imagined 2026 Dodge Durango shares everything else with the Wagoneer, so we could say it's a rebadged Jeep rather than a rebodied one. But could the rendering artist be onto something? And should Dodge use this recipe to come up with a new Durango? Your opinion matters, so drop a line below and tell us what you think about it.
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