2022 BMW M5 CS Is Not Even Official, But Its Parts Can be Purchased Online

The Bavarian automaker thoroughly upgraded the high-performance business sedan this year, prior to unleashing that controversial 4 Series, M3 and M4 trio with the new take on the classic kidney grille. So, at least, you’re spared the gossip among friends when showcasing the ride at the next cars & coffee event. But how about standing out a bit in a crowd?!
2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale 8 photos
2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale2021 BMW M5 CS parts for sale
Well, for that part you can always go aftermarket and choose from the myriad of tuning options out there. On the other hand, if you’re into OEM (original equipment manufacturer) elements, BMW itself presents the option to hook up your M5 to the available M Performance Parts.

Now, with a little help from an online listing coming from Poland, there’s a second OEM route – fitting your regular M5 or M5 Competition with body elements from the unreleased M5 CS. Seriously, the car isn’t even official yet, but we have a feeling – based on the seller’s description – those come from a disassembled pre-production prototype.

We haven’t been informed how exactly the folks behind the listing came into possession of the components, but they do have a perfect 100% satisfaction rating, and also sell other BMW body elements and components – so they do have experience (aka they’re not a “one hit wonder”).

The pricing is a bit steep though, as the parts kit (front sheet elements, hood, front bumper, among others – all painted in Frozen Dark Silver) are available for 47,999 Poland zloty – which is around $12,679 at the current exchange rates. On the upside, they’re good for both the new M5, and pre-facelift versions.

Of course, one could always have a little more patience and decide to go for the real deal – according to the rumor mill, the M5 CS will be available as a limited-edition version for the 2022 model year, as it’s scheduled in production from March 2021 to February 2022.

We’re not expecting it to be out officially too soon – even though BMW does have a big #NextGen event coming up later on today. That one is dedicated to BMW’s fully electric iNext, as well as to other novelties from MINI (November 17th) and BMW Motorrad.

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