1965 Ford Falcon Is a Barn Find That Raises More Questions Than Answers

Ford Falcon wasn’t necessarily a rocket on wheels, and its early engine lineup pretty much tells everything about its purpose on the market.
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1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon1965 Ford Falcon
The car launched for the model year 1960 with a 144ci (2.4-liter) 95-horsepower engine, and Ford even referred to the unit as the Mileage Maker. As a result, the purpose of the car was to offer higher mileage without necessarily focusing on performance.

A second six-cylinder engine was added for the 1961 model year, this time in the form of a 170ci (2.8-liter) unit with 101 horsepower. A V8 finally made its debut on the Falcon in February 1963, when the American company launched the 260ci (4.3-liter) known as Challenger. It produced no more, no less than 164 horsepower.

The second-generation Falcon also witnessed the debut of a second V8 – a 289ci (4.7-liter), though the focus of the car remained pretty much unchanged.

The Falcon convertible that someone has recently published on Craigslist is supposed to provide a closer look at the 1965 model, but despite looking like an intriguing model, the car actually leaves way too many questions without an answer.

First and foremost, the seller claims this is a barn find, however, they don’t provide any information on this front. For instance, we have no clue just how many years this car spent in the same place, as this could be a good indication of any potential metal problems it might struggle with right now.

Then, it looks like the car comes with a 289 V8, but at the same time, no information about its current health has been offered. Most likely, given the seller claims this isn’t a “big project,” the engine starts and runs, but of course, this is something you should check in person before committing to a purchase.

And while some fixes are still required here and there, we still don’t know how original and complete the car continues to be today. The brakes and the front seats need urgent repairs, but that’s pretty much what we get from the Craigslist ad.

This Falcon convertible is indeed an intriguing find, but given the $15,000 price tag, buyers would clearly deserve a lot more details.

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