1 Series Rendering Shows Everyone Can Design a Better-Looking BMW Than BMW

BMW 1 Series Vision rendering 1 photo
Photo: Samuele Errico Piccarini via Behance
Did you ever think that working as a designer at BMW would become one of the toughest, most stressful jobs on the planet? Probably not. Actually, more than anything, it probably sounded like a dream job.
Then, the 4 Series came along, and everything went downhill. All of a sudden, the Bavarians weren't this company that churned out functional, reliable designs that rarely broke the mold - the odd exception being the i8, as a positive example, and the i3 as a largely negative one.

The appearance of new BMW models was pretty predictable, and even though people complained about it, it was secretly comfortable. Predictability is a quality in today's world, and BMW was getting close to reaching Audi levels of it.

To be completely fair, the 4 Series isn't a revolutionary design. Take away that large grille - something various third-party companies are already beginning to do in real life - and you're left with a pretty standard-looking BMW.

Well, this sketch from Samuele Errico Piccarini suggests that perhaps the problem isn't the size of the grille per se, but something else about it. That's because Samuele's proposal for an all-new 1 Series model doesn't exactly show restraint itself when it comes to the surface that lets air into the engine bay. And yet the overall look of the hatchback is quite pleasing.

That's probably because the rest of the car is fittingly different as well, something the 4 Series we've already established doesn't have. Sure, this thing is helped by the classic 30-inch-size concept wheels that fill those arches to the brink despite featuring almost zero rubber. Remove them, though, and you're still looking at a cohesive design.

Regardless of how you or I feel about the new 4 Series, we have to admit one thing: it has made waiting for new BMW models a lot more exciting. Will the next one pull the Bavarians back on the right track, or will it put another nail in their coffin? Whatever the case, it will surely look nothing like this 1 Series Vision sketch. Unfortunately.
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