Why Couldn't BMW Put This Face on the All-New 4 Series?

BMW 5 Series Touring rendering 6 photos
Photo: David Schneider on Instagram
BMW 5 Series Touring renderingBMW 5 Series Touring renderingBMW 5 Series Touring renderingBMW 5 Series Touring renderingBMW 5 Series Touring rendering
BMW is pretty notorious for sometimes designing non-photogenic cars. Occasionally, the Bavarian models can seem pretty unflattering in their presentation photos, but the moment you see them on the street, your perception may change.
That's probably the last thread of hope one can cling to regarding the new 4 Series and its grille (or is it the new grille and its 4 Series?). We've seen the concepts, but we hoped they were just that; we've seen the spy shots, but we hoped it was only an illusion; now, we've seen the actual car, and all that's left is to hope that... it's not that bad.

And it could very well not be, but why settle for that? Why not have a model you can actually fall in love with instantly? Why the controversy? Sure, it's given the model a lot of press, but so would have a truly beautiful design. And don't believe what they say about bad publicity: give anyone the choice between good or bad one, and they'll always choose the former.

It's not like it's impossible to sketch a car that's both true to the BMW spirit and beautiful at the same time. Just look at this 5 Series Touring rendering from David Schneider (@schneider.sketch) if you need any convincing. Could you mistake it for anything other than a Bimmer? No. Could you honestly say you don't enjoy looking at it? Most likely, no. Would you rather look at it, or drive it? If the answer is the latter, then what more could you possibly ask from a BMW design?

Alright, we too think that pair of kidneys down below is a bit iffy, and maybe the entire lower lip is a little over the top. Also, the shape of the headlights would work with laser or even LED technology, but you need to consider the less expensive options too, and those would have a hard time fitting in there.

The main idea here, though, is that this rendering joins others that demonstrate there were so many other routes that BMW could have taken instead of the one it did that would have yielded what we think are much better results. The new 4 Series isn't the end of the world: both BMW and the rest of the world will live on. It's just a shame that it has to be like this when it could have been different. Better-different.
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