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Gas Gas is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer which was founded in 1974 but it started producing motorcycles in 1985. Although the company produces multiple types of bikes, Gas Gas became famous mostly thanks to its trial motorcycles which were first manufactured in 1985.

What's interesting is that Gas Gas had an unique way to step into the motorcycle manufacturing market in comparison with other companies which usually started out by selling motorcycle parts or by producing bikes. Well, Gas Gas took advantage of the financial problems encountered by Bultaco and started producing motorcycles in order to sell them into Bultaco's shops.

The time passed by and Gas Gas managed to gain audience with the performance provided by its trial bikes. Thanks to this success, Gas Gas attempted to expand its market coverage and started producing enduro and motocross motorcycles in 1989 as well as quads in 2002.

Although the company rolled out an impressive number of motorcycles addressed to the general public, Gas Gas was also involved into multiple competitions. For instance, Jordi Tarres, a well-known rider who was initially working with Beta, competed for Gas Gas in the world trials championships and won no less than 3 titles in 1993, 1994 and 1995. Moreover, the company has also won the Trial Indoor World Championship for four times in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

At this time, Gas Gas is a well-known brand in most parts of the world, mostly thanks to its results but also thanks to an advanced marketing strategy. For instance, Gas Gas distributes motorcycles in multiple European countries but also in other nations including Australia and United States.

Talking about the name of the company, there are multiple rumors concerning it, some people saying that it could be related to the fact that “gas” actually means “accelerating”. This way, the company would be able to promote its motorcycles as vehicles that provide advanced performance.

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