Youtuber Gives 7 Reasons Not to Buy a 2016 Subaru WRX STI; We Don't Buy It

Youtuber Gives 7 Reasons Not to Buy a 2016 Subaru WRX STI; We Don't Buy It 1 photo
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We just hate it when Youtubers make two video reviews of the same car, one with "these are the Top 5 things I love" and another where they say "I hate this car, here are 7 reasons why." It happens all the time with phones, laptops and other devices too, proving that the Internet has gone crazy, and nobody has time to figure things out.
Today, we stumbled upon one clip from a YouTube channel called Engineering Explained. You might know this guy from his old clips, where he explained how cylinders, transmissions and other car bits worked. His pimples are gone, and he now does car reviews.

After two years of owning a 2014 STI, he stepped behind the steering wheel of the 2016 model year. It's the second MY of an all-new car, and we are specifically dealing with the sexy Series.HyperBlue model.

The point this guy makes is that the engine (EJ257) is dated, tracing its ancestry back to 2004, with total horsepower relatively unchanged. He points out that due to the single-scroll turbo all of the power is on the top end, there's fairly significant turbo lag, and the fuel economy is terrible.

That may be true, but Subaru chose to bring the STI to America with the same old engine because it's bulletproof. Nobody ever leaves the car stock, so you need a block that can take a pounding. And do people buy rally-inspired sedans hoping for 40 mpg?

We love the 2.3-liter Ford engine used by the Focus RS and the 2.0-liter from the Golf R/Audi S3. Not everybody wants a smooth engine and an automatic gearbox in his/her hot hatchback. Sure, the fuel economy is going to be a problem, but Subaru's car was never about being drawback-free. The STI is about installing custom shocks with your friends, about finding the biggest speakers that will fit in the doors or getting away with illegal exhaust systems.

For 2017, we'll get a new Impreza and a year after should come the STI version. It will come with a 2.0-liter that's already available on the Japanese model, offering slightly more power and torque.

The final point being made is that the Subaru WRX is nearly as fast, more economical and practical in everyday use. Sure, it doesn't have bigger brakes and the smart differential, but who cares, right? That's like telling VW lovers that the Golf GTI is almost as good as the Golf R. Preposterous!

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