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Widespread Android Auto Error Reported After Major Android Update

Android 12 is Google’s latest major operating system update, but as it turns out, installing this new release causes some pretty big headaches for Android Auto users.
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Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
If you’ve been part of the Android Auto world for more than a year, you probably remember that the same thing happened when Google rolled out Android 11 too.

At that point, users reported all kinds of glitches hitting Android Auto, from broken audio and phone calls to connectivity problems in their cars.

As far as Android 12 is concerned, the only widespread error it seems to be causing for Android Auto users right now is the broken connectivity.

Users who turned to Google’s forums to share more information in this regard explain that while their mobile devices detect the connection to the vehicle, Android Auto no longer shows up on the head unit. In other words, they can’t launch the app, despite the connection established correctly.

While the Android Auto icon does show up on the head unit, some say that nothing happens when it’s clicked, while others claim the app crashed in the middle of a drive and no longer works since then.

No workaround is known to exist, as the users struggling with this behavior have tried pretty much everything from changing cables to rebooting the phones and the head units. In all cases, the whole thing happened after the update to Android 12, so in theory, the new operating system version is the one to blame.

A member of the Android Auto team says all reports have already been forwarded to those in charge of investigating this behavior, but of course, no ETA is available right now as to when a fix could be shipped.

In the meantime, there’s nothing the impacted users can do to restore Android Auto in their cars, as no workaround seems to do the trick.


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