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Google Maps Rival Explains How It Makes Navigation More Straightforward

TomTom is currently one of the companies whose products are considered worthy alternatives to Google Maps, and without a doubt, this is true in several regards.
TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto 9 photos
TomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on AndroidTomTom AmiGO on Android
Not only TomTom’s solutions are aimed at most platforms out there, but they also come with support for CarPlay and Android Auto, so the navigation software can run on the larger screen in the cabin.

But at the same time, TomTom has tried to make the navigation experience as straightforward as possible with all kinds of extras, and a feature detailed by the company recently is the living proof in this regard.

The contact integration in TomTom AmiGO allows you to find the address of someone in your phonebook in a matter of seconds, all without having to search for such information.

If you provide TomTom AmiGO with access to your contacts, the application can read the address field in your phone and therefore figure out where every person lives or works. So the next time you launch the navigation app, you don’t have to provide an address but only the name of your contact.

TomTom AmiGO will import the address from your phonebook and figure out where you need to go, with the navigation to be configured automatically on your mobile device.

Needless to say, this can’t work unless you previously provided address information for your contacts on the smartphone. So if this field is empty and you want to take advantage of this feature, you’d better provide an address for the contacts you most often navigate to.

No need to worry about your privacy either. TomTom guarantees that AmiGO only reads the contact’s name, the address, and the label configured for this address. And, of course, no information is stored or uploaded to a specific server, though the address could remain in your “recents” list within the app.

The contact integration for TomTom AmiGO is available on both iPhone and Android.


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