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Android Auto 7 Comes with a Small Surprise You’ll Never Discover on Your Own

Google is already working on some pretty big updates for Android Auto, including the highly anticipated dual-SIM support, but in the meantime, the company still finds enough time to focus on Easter Eggs.
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In fact, if you’ve been keeping an eye on Google’s software releases in the last few years, you probably noticed the search giant has made it a hobby to include Easter Eggs in its applications.

And Android Auto is no longer an exception, as version 7.0 introduces a little surprise that’s so deeply hidden in the app that it’s almost impossible for a regular user to ever come across it.

The Easter Egg was discovered by someone on reddit, and even though we hate to ruin all the fun and provide spoilers, we just have to tell you what it is. Google has included a music video for Rick Astley's song, Never Gonna Give You Up, which has been used for online pranks for many years.

And the moment you trigger this Easter Egg, you should see the YouTube video playing on your head unit – though make no mistake, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is bringing YouTube support to Android Auto.

Since we told you it's almost impossible to discover this Easter Egg on your own, here are the steps to launch the video.
First and foremost, you need to activate the developer mode in Android Auto. To do this, you must go to Android Auto settings on your phone and tap the Version section 10 times. You should then see a message that the developer mode has been activated on your phone.
Next, head over to the menu in the top right corner and change the application mode to Developer.
On the head unit, tap the All car apps icon and scroll down until you find a UX Prototype item. Double-tap it, and that's it. Easy, right?


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