What Is Wrong with These Two Mercedes-Benz Drivers Blocking a Whole Street in London?

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 We're still trying to figure out what we just watched here. This is a video that will make you mad - very mad. Its level of absurdity is off the scale, up to a level that's never been reached before.
We all have probably had our moments when we wanted to make a point, and a lot of those moments happened in traffic. You get people who cut you off, drive like idiots, commit flagrant mistakes and don't seem to give a rat's ass about anybody else on the road. These are the kind of people you wouldn't mind teaching a lesson.

And there are old people driving old Mercedes-Benz S-Classes. From what we've gathered, the woman in the Mercedes-Benz SLK had, indeed, the right of way through that tunnel. On the other hand, the gentleman in the S-Class was already in the tunnel when the SLK arrived, so he entered that narrowing road sector when there was no other car incoming.

Legally, then, they both can make a strong case, but if what the older man says is true, then any driver in his right mind coming from the woman's side would have stopped to let him through.

Not our lady in the SLK, though. She drove in front of the S-Class and refused to move one inch, causing a huge traffic jam that lasted - according to the man filming the whole ordeal - over 40 minutes. Can you believe two adults were so stubborn as to block a whole street for over half an hour just to prove a point?

In all honesty, it turned out the man in the S-Class was afraid to back down so that he won't crash his car. Well, suddenly we don't like him all that much - if you can't reverse in a straight line, then maybe you shouldn't be driving anymore.

The woman, on the other hand, seemed completely oblivious to all the pleas around her from the people stuck behind. Some urged her to be the "bigger man" and clear the way as they were supposed to pick up their kids. To no avail. She just stared ahead and nodded her head every now and then as if to say "I hear you, but I've got more important things on my mind right now."

Another thing that struck us as odd is the fact she was in a convertible with the top down, and yet she didn't feel threatened at any time. In other countries, things would have turned violent during the first few minutes, but the poor Brits caught behind seemed happy to try and persuade the two drivers, and turn around and drive away when they realized everything was lost.

Situations like this come once in a lifetime (thank God), so make sure you don't miss it. And another thing: is it just us who think there was enough room for the SLK to go around the S?

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