Mobile Phones, Public Enemy Number One for British Drivers, Survey Finds

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Driving a car isn't the most difficult thing in the world, but you wouldn't guess it by looking at the traffic in some corners of the world.
Western 'civilized' countries make no exception and British drivers are the first to admit to the sorry state their road manners have reached. A recent survey conducted by the Auto Express website wanted to find out which of the bad habits exhibited by drivers was the most irritating for the rest of the motorists.

Out of all the bad things a driver can do while at the wheel of a car, the Brits are annoyed the most by those using their mobile phones (29 percent). I find this a bit weird as the other forms of misbehaving with lower score seem a lot more annoying: hogging the middle lane (came in second with 24%) or not indicating on roundabouts (third also with 24% and by far what gets me the most).

Throwing rubbish out of the window was just fourth and on the fifth spot sit those awful people who don't say 'thank you' after you allow them on your lane.

On the other hand, Auto Express wanted to know which of these questionable habits do the answering motorist make themselves guilty of. The UK Police should be very interested in their findings.

No less than 65% of the 10,000 subjects said they break the speed limit on a regular basis and, I'd imagine, they showed little remorse about it. It makes sense: only four percent said they were bothered by seeing other drivers speeding.

Proving once again that humans are a complicated race, second in the list of confessed sins is... the recently revealed to be the most annoying: using the mobile phone. 10 percent admitted to using the mobile phone while at the wheel and I'm willing to bet my car the real percentage is a lot more higher than that.

Basically, the British drivers are annoyed by the very things they do themselves, but only when they see it in others. Here's a quick fix to the problem: show each driver a clip of his daily commute filmed from a few cars driving around him. He'll be so ashamed he'll either give up driving altogether, or he'll straighten up and become the driver he wants others to be.
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