Watching Kids Racing Motorcycles in the Mud Is Super-Funny

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Photo: Facebook capture
No motorcycling star that we know of has started riding late. These chaps have been lucky enough to have riding parents or supportive ones to notice their inclination towards two-wheeled fun and help them become better riders, and ultimately, champions. And since high-performance riding is not exactly the easiest thing, it’s only natural to see the youngest riders struggling quite a lot in scenarios adults barely perceive as being obstacles worthy of taking into consideration.
In a way, this is natural selection, as it’s always the hardships of training and racing which separates those who have what it takes to become famous and those who will eventually stop in the amateur or enthusiast classes.

Either way, when it comes to enduro racing, watching all the riders having their better or worse days in the mud is epic. For some strange reason, seeing kinds wrestling in the mud trying to manhandle their bikes past the muddy ditches and up slippery trails is fascinating.

Things are only better when the supervising adults present in the tougher places of the trail are quick to helping every rider in need, regardless of which “team” he or she might be in. This is not only good for the racing event itself but for educational purposes. This indiscriminate help everybody in need receives is a good fair play lesson which shows the youngsters that no matter how tough a race may be, sportiveness always comes first.

Following the example of the late Kurt Caselli

This small video makes us remember the late Kurt Caselli and his epic example of fair play in the early stages of the AMA National Hare and Hound races in 2013. Even though he was late in the second leg of the race, he stopped and picked up a fallen, injured fellow rider he found on the way. Caselli helped the guy to get on the back of his bike and then carried him to the medics.

The rider turned out to have suffered a broken leg and will most likely remember Kurt’s amazing selfless act for the rest of his days, even though Caselli is no longer among us.

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